Diseases Associated With Homosexuality

Almost a year ago, on Sunday 8th June 2008 to be precise, I commenced a 3-part series of Posts focused on Diseases that are often and increasingly associated with Homosexual behaviour. The responses were overwhelming, especially from homosexuals who got deeply offended by the Truth regarding their dangerous lifestyle. Since Google (an increasingly pro-homosexual organisation) will not let bloggers such as myself debate openly against the Western Homosexual culture, I hereby share Part 1 of the Posts as a public record for fellow Kenyans. 

Part 1: HIV/AIDS
As we continue to demolish the flimsy foundations on which faggots base their claims to normality, today I commence a new chapter in which we’ll examine the severe threat homosexual behavior poses to both personal and public health. 

Over the last two decades, medical findings have strongly established that homosexual behaviour does indeed carry fundamental health risks not only to its practitioners, but also to the general public. In the United States of America for example, medical data has identified homosexual activity among males as by far, the largest single source of HIV infection in the general population.

In a dramatic admission early this year, homosexual activist Matt Foreman, executive director of the United States National Gay and Lesbian Task Force shocked fellow faggots by declaring, “HIV is a gay disease.”

While addressing the National Conference on Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Equality in Detroit, Michigan, Foremen stunned the assembled faggots by stating, “with 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi-sexual, we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.” The conference had the theme ”Creating Change”. 

Matt Foreman, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director who admitted, “HIV is a gay disease.”

Matt Foreman, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force executive director who admitted, “HIV is a gay disease.”

For many years, homosexual activists in the West have strongly and typically fought back whenever medical findings showed their lifestyle to be associated with the AIDS pandemic. The startling admission by one of their most prominent leaders in early February 2008 to this effect has left homosexual activists in a serious predicament.

Following this admission, gay activists will find it very difficult to promote and defend their behaviour in Kenya. As I will illustrate here, homosexuality is not only medically associated with life threatening diseases such as AIDS, but also with certain types of mental illness, substance abuse, eating disorders, cancer, hepatitis and premature death by up to twenty years.

Before I delve into these diseases, it’s important to note here that a United States Government agency, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has since 1992 maintained a policy of rejecting blood donated by Men who have had Sex with other Men (MSM), at any time since 1977 (the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the United States). 

This is because MSM are as a group, at increased risk of HIV, Hepatitis B and certain other infections that can be transmitted by transfusion. According to the American Red Cross, MSM since 1977 have an HIV prevalence (the total number of cases of a disease that are present in a population at a specific point in time) 60 times higher than the general population, 800 times higher than first time straight blood donors and 8000 times higher than repeat blood donors. 

In addition, HIV surveillance data collected by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) through June 2000 suggests that nearly half of all HIV-positive teenage males are infected through sex with men. Through 2004, of all cases of HIV infection in the United States reported to CDC, 34% were attributed to male-male sexual contact, 14% to injection-drug use, and 20% to heterosexual contact. 

Through blood donor testing, homosexuals account for the largest single group of blood donors who have been found HIV positive. (Source – CDC website).

The FDA policy is not unique to the United States. Many European countries have recently re-examined both the science and ethics of the lifetime MSM deferral, and have retained it. Lifetime MSM deferral simply means that a man who has ever had sex with another man will never be accepted as a blood donor. This decision is also consistent with the prevailing interpretation of the European Union Directive 2004/33/EC article 2.1 on donor deferrals.

For more reasons on why this policy has remained in place despite the presence of many influential homosexual organisations in the USA, visit the FDA website link.

Here in Kenya, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Homosexuals is not any different from the sorry figures shared above. The General Manager of the Kenyan faggot website www.galck.org is on record admitting the same. He notes that “the few studies done on MSM activity in the country point at very grave seroprevalence levels among the MSM, typically a group that would also include gay men in Kenya. The Kilifi study points at 43%.” 

He candidly goes further to share: “Latest data from National Aids Control Council points out that 15% of all new HIV infections in the country are MSM related. For a population that is typically very small (perhaps less than 5%), these figures should be worrisome.”

With so many facts available in the public domain detailing the health dangers associated with homosexual behaviour, it would certainly be the height of foolishness and utmost recklessness for the Kenyan Government to EVER consider decriminalizing homosexuality in our country. 

Part 2: Anal Cancer

To be continued next post….

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20 Responses to “Diseases Associated With Homosexuality”

  1. Jake Says:

    This is a disgusting post created by an equally pathetic “man.” An African of sll people should understand the very real even health, not to mention economic and ethical, problems that the mindless oppression he idealizes (Africans and other minorities still hold far more diseases here in America today, not to mention their straight women have higher rates of HIV than even gay males in some areas).

    A decent person that actually cared about others, not to mention the general population, would actuallyly try and help instead of going on with the perverted and inhuman trades of this lost soul.

    • Ron Lewis Johnson Says:

      Hey faggot: the truth hurts doesn’t it?

      • CommonSense Says:

        Completely clueless and non-specific. You and your comment.Why u bother responding if u r going to be totally out of context.?!

        U calling names someone who may be gay is no more justified than u being called “nigger”, “spade”, “negro”, “wog” or whatever insult one may think of calling a coloured person like u (for some reason i think u r black).

        As for your question to Jake, if you have any single understansting of the fact that both truths and lies can be equally hurtful, that should indicate to u that u just make an ass of yourself. A very insensitive ass!

        Jake spoke of some sad truths: this vile blog, it’s pathetic creator, the homophobic lies, the saddening indifference to heterosexual HIV+ women, the exploitation of the disease for your hateful propaganda and your complete ignorance of how evil u r being.

        The fact that u r clueless about the truth and people buy into this anti-gay propaganda is sad. If that truth doesn’t hurt u, this is a testament to the fact that u r a malicious sociopath.

        U don’t care to adress the enormous spread of HIV within the african population through unsafe heterosexual contact. U skip it entirely so u can keep advancing your homophobic agenda of spreading hate.

        So shame on u! Too bad there is likely no shred of decency in you to aknowledge your mistakes. It’s evident from the fact that u ignored the message of the very comment that u responded to.

  2. FaggotsOut! Says:

    A excellent post. I would disregard the rubbish posted by the faggot known as Jake. Perhaps you’ll see blacks better off when the CIA isn’t selling crack cocaine and other drugs in their communities while simultaneously using terror in the form of police to use excessive force.
    Ofcourse this has nothing to do with sick disgusting culture of homosexualty being promoted by white perverts!

  3. Blake Says:

    @Jake the Faggot (or homo supporter),
    I believe you must be illiterate. Read the post again, understand the facts presented, then respond with an intelligent rebuttal.

    I agree with you, and this has nothing to do with racism – why is it that Whites continue to give overwhelming support for the homosexual behaviour/culture/lifestyle and yet their very own scientists continue to demonstrate just how dangerous it is to the physical and mental health of a human being?

  4. WhiteWatch Says:

    Extremely disturbing homosexual molestation of child live and audience does nothing.


  5. David Says:

    You people are idiots. Any thinking person should take a look at any medical textbook to see the 1000’s of human diseases that are HETEROSEXUAL in origin…come on…get better thoughts going!!

    • Ron J Says:

      You stupid ass shit eating FAGGOT! HIV – aka Gay Cancer aka GRID: Gay Related Immunodeficiency. Only a cum slurping shit eater like you would deny that fact. You faggots are the cause of the HIV Pandemic.

      • CommonSense Says:

        What’s with all this extremely vile and obscene language you are using there? what kind of lowlife speaks in such a way as if he has a cesspool for a mouth?

        To the extent that someone would call Ebola virus an “african disease”, HIV even less likely deserves such racist label (african, gay or latino disease etc)

        You are not talking any facts, you are just being a delirious preacher of hate and propaganda. GRID was the first label that was given to AIDS, not to HIV!

        I bet that you are too damn ignorant to tell the difference so let me enlighten you: one is a virus, the other is a condition caused by the virus.

        HIV may or may not necessarily cause AIDS ever at all. Thanks to modern medicine, the virus can be handled just like diabetes. GRID was brought up as a name back in 1982, although the CDC had no official name for what is currently known as AIDS.

        Many names were coined, each more flawed than the other: lymphadenopathy, Kaposi’s sarcoma, opportunistic infections….

        At one point, the CDC coined the phrase “the 4H disease”, since the syndrome seemed to affect heroin users, homosexuals, hemophiliacs, and Haitians. In the general press, the term “GRID” had been coined.

        However, after determining that AIDS was not isolated to the gay community, it was realized that the term GRID was misleading and the term AIDS was introduced at a meeting in July 1982. By September 1982 the CDC started referring to the disease as AIDS.

        It cannot be called a “gay disease” if it is nowhere near isolated to the gay demographic. A quick internet research reveals how extremely unproportionally HIV/AIDS affects the severely homophobic Africa in contrast to other more gay friendly continents.

        Whereas it is almost impossible to contract HIV though lesbian sex, in Sub-Saharan Africa, the region most affected by HIV (home to just over 12% of the world’s population but two-thirds of all people infected with HIV), women compose nearly 60% of HIV cases. Clearly, the virus does NOT discriminate against heterosexuals, being transmitted primarily through heterosexual contact.

        African American women are 19 times more likely to contract HIV than other women, according to the CDC. Does that allow morons like you to discriminate against them, the latinos, the gay american men and the general african population due to the disproportions? NO!

        Also according to the Wikipedia page “History of HIV/AIDS” and all the scientists working on this field, HIV does not originate in gay americans but in non-human primates in west and central Africa.

        The vast majority of HIV+ people live in Africa. Does that make most africans gay or simply ignorant to the fact that this virus infects straight people too, dumbass?

        Get your facts straight, princess! Stop quoting the lies you heard by your malicious idiotic pastors and start studying the origins and the epidimiology of HIV.


  6. FaggotsOut! Says:

    David, you’re a fucking moron. Almost all diseases are genetic in origin i.e. passed on to the next generation Take a look at any medical textbook and find out where it says faggotry is genetic. Theres no such thing as a gay gene, you can’t pass on something when you can’t reproduce.
    Loic and rationality is alien to faggots and their supporters!

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  10. Varija Ramakrishnan Says:

    Currently it looks like Drupal is the best blogging platform out there right now.

    (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re
    using on your blog?

  11. Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity « Kenyans Against Homosexuality Says:

    […] behavior carries with it severe risks of being afflicted with a range of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, Kaporsis Sarcoma and mental disorders leading to disproportionately higher suicide […]

  12. The Dark Side Of Homersexuality - Page 6 (politics) Says:

    […] Posted by The Ego and His Own Homosexuality isn't a choice, ergo, it's not a 'lifestyle'.http://kenyansagainstgays.wordpress….homosexuality/ Once again, it's not a lifestyle. And it's not deviant except in your vulnerable little minds. […]

  13. CommonSense Says:

    Africans polutted the western world with the HIV and now they try to blame it on lgbt’s. There was never a gay laboratory. HIV doesn’t check if u r straight or gay when u make contact with it. The “gay desease” argument is a big fat lie. If u r living a promiscuous life without protection (condoms or monogamy), the odds that u will be infected are incomparably greater than practising monogamy with a same sex partner.

    HIV first came from West Africa when humans hunted chimpanzees for meat and came into contact with their infected blood. Over decades, the virus slowly spread across Africa and later into other parts of the world. It’s no coincidence that most hiv-positive population is african

    The earliest known case of infection with HIV-1 in a human was detected in a blood sample collected in 1959 from a man in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (How he became infected is not known.).

    Yet, i have the intelligence and the decency to not blame an entire continent for the Hiv spread like u do with with the pretty big percentage of homosexuals living in this world (because keep in mind that if 1 out 100 persons is gay, that worldwide applies to approximately 720 millions of individuals out of the world population).
    In the most civilised and modern countries (where u can still meet lots of homophobia), about 4% of the population identifies themselves as gay or bi, while the majority hides in the closet. Do the math! Homosexuality just like heterosexuality isn’t being taught anywhere, just occurs in nature all over the world (not just humans).


  14. Shane Says:

    I’ve read your article, and as much as it pains me to admit it, everything you’ve written is logical and evidenced based, and ultimately as a fag myself, many of these experiences are familiar to me from when I was maturing from an adolescent to an adult. I can’t be anymore truthful and to the point than that…. Many that share the same sexuality as I do need to stop taking offense so easily, and listen to some of the counter arguments. They might end up finding something closer to happiness than the life they’re leading now. Having said that, everyone needs to also understand it can be very confronting to identify youself as suffering from a condition you’ve always known / felt is apart of your makeup.

    • CommonSense Says:

      The massive cognitive dissonance in your way of thinking runs counter to your conclusions about homosexuality. Sorry but what you call logical and “evidenced” (???) based, I call a steaming pile of crap.

      If you wanna call yourself a fag instead of a homosexual, or a nigger instead of a coloured person or whatever racist pejorative term you can come up with for something as innocuous as skin pigmentation or same-sex attraction, that is your prerogative but don’t push your self-loathing to others just because your hideous logic makes it “logical” to not take offence when someone calls you a racist, hateful term such as “fag”

      You suffer from a great deal of homophobia, which is a mental disorder (unlike homosexuality). And it is quite pathetic that you don’t realize that all mainstream science points out how detrimental this hateful mentality is to people, family and society in general.

      I can’t speak for your case, knowing only that you call yourself a fag and that you think your situaton applies to other people based on your poor judgement about the true road of happiness for people in the LGBT community.

      Before you tell someone that they should listen to “some of the counter arguments”, it is best to drop the hypocrisy and follow your own advice because you preach a counterintuitive standpoint that would most definitely lead you and others to misery and self-destruction.

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