Homosexual Diseases Part 3: Mental Disorders

The question of whether homosexuality should continue to be regarded as a mental illness remains one of the most divisive debates to have ever engaged the American Psychiatric Association (APA) back in the 1960s and 70s. In 1970, the APA affirmed strongly that homosexuality was indeed a mental disorder. This decision lasted only three years before the association caved in to political intimidation and coercion.

In a press release dated December 15, 1973, the APA became the first medical organisation “to officially remove the stigma of disease from persons with same-sex preference”. It’s very important to note that no new medical findings had been made about homosexuality between 1970 and 1973 to reverse the diagnosis that it was a disease.  The homosexual lobby brought about this reversal by its persistent and for the most part, dishonest public campaigning. This included coercion and lobbying of government and influential organizations in America. Numerous incidences are well documented during this period when homo activists frequently disrupted medical conferences, shouting down speakers and physically intimidating scientists. Clearly, the 1973 reversal was a political and not a scientific decision by the APA.Its very easy to understand why the homosexual activists resorted to these unscientific tactics. The credibility of the homosexual movement was at great risk as long as the medical professional listed their behaviour as a sickness. Public opinion in America (and elsewhere) could be greatly influenced to regard homosexuality positively if a “scientific opinion” was to lend support to the homosexual cause. Thus, the 1973 APA decision opened the most important door for homosexuality to find a legal footing in western countries.I will now demonstrate here that homosexuality remains a mental disorder, despite what misguided Western nations may want Africans to believe. Any honest, unbiased person who has studied the medical literature relating to homosexuality will surely reach the same conclusion.

Indicative research into homosexual mental disorders

Two extensive studies appearing in the October 1999 issue of the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry confirm a strong link between homosexual sex and suicide, as well as a relationship between homosexuality and emotional mental problems.

One of the studies in the journal, by David M. Ferguson and his team, found that, “gay, lesbian and bisexual young people are at increased risk of psychiatric disorder and suicidal behaviors.”

These homosexual and “gay” youth were four times as likely as their normal peers to suffer from major depression, almost three times as likely to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, nearly four times as likely to experience conduct disorder, five times as likely to have nicotine dependence, six times as likely to suffer from multiple disorders, and over six times as likely to have attempted suicide.

An extensive study in the Netherlands makes a mockery of the assumption that ‘homophobia’ is the cause of increased psychiatric illness among gays and lesbians. Of all the Western nations, the Dutch people are the most supportive of same-sex relationships. In fact, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to fully legalise gay marriages back in September 2000.

This obviously tells us that oppression of homosexuals in the Netherlands hardly arises and yet their anal practitioners suffer psychological distress similar to other homosexuals in western nations. The Dutch study, published in the January 2001 Archives of General Psychiatry, did indeed find a high rate of psychiatric disease associated with same-sex behaviors.

Compared to controls who had no homosexual experience in the 12 months prior to the interview, males who had any homosexual contact within that time period were much more likely to experience major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Interesting Lesbian insights

Females with any homosexual contact within the previous 12 months were more often diagnosed with major depression, social phobia or alcohol dependence. In fact, those with a history of homosexual contact had higher prevalence of nearly all the psychiatric disorders measured in the study. One study in America noted over 300% increases in incidence of serious personal distress among lesbians as compared to heterosexual women.

June 7th 2008: A lesbian couple at the Massachusetts transgender parade. The woman on the right has undergone a breast removal operation to become a “man”. Does anyone honestly believe these women are sane?

There’s actually a simple explanation why lesbians experience alarmingly higher depression than their heterosexual counterparts. As any normal man or woman will tell you, women by nature invest more time, emotions and their self-worth into relationships compared to men. This is what you could call quality-of-relationship issues.  Women therefore often put greater demands on the quality of the relationship in order to satisfy their own individual needs. This in turn puts higher stress on the relationship. Now put two women together in a lesbian relationship, each making the same high demands and one will predictably get a relatively short union leading to serious depression.As Prof. Rob Gagnon, one of the world’s leading authorities on homosexuality eloquently explains,“Putting two (or more) people of the same sex in a sexual union does absolutely nothing for moderating the extremes of a given sex or filling in the gaps of a given sex. It rather magnifies the extremes and highlights the gaps. That is the nature of a one-sex sexual bond. This measurable reality discloses the non-measurable problem of attempting sexual merger with someone who is not a true sexual complement.” 

===============================In concluding this series on diseases related to the homosexual lifestyle, I would like fellow Kenyans to ponder the numerous lies promoted by the homosexual movement and their misguided agents in Kenya. 

At a time when even smoking is considered a serious danger to public health with smokers increasingly isolated in Nairobi, a lifestyle linked to a raging epidemic of disease and death is now being promoted to Kenyans as a “human right”that deserves to be celebrated. 

This blog has comprehensively demonstrated the fallacy behind this notion. Faggot apologists have a lot of work to do in showing Kenyans the ‘gayness’(happiness) if any that exists in the homosexual lifestyle. What we’ve seen has been the very opposite.

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  2. Tr Says:

    I’d expect this from a country full of homophobic, AIDS ridden niggers.

  3. Anti_Fag Says:

    i like this site, keep up the good work. gays are a cancer of the modern society

  4. EMCEE Says:

    Jesus answered them, “Did I not choose you twelve? Yet is not one of you a devil?” John 6:70

  5. Alex Says:

    I am a Chinese. I was not familiar with homosexual related topic, and had no intention to be a part of the confliction. However, by accident, I talked with a several supporters of homosexual marriage, and they clearly stated that, the same reason that supports homosexual marriage, which is that it is widely recognized by the society, will ultimately, support incest marriage. They clearly said that, as long as this condition matches incest marriage, incest marriage should be supported by law.
    It is horrible for me to think about a society that incest is legal, in anyway. Can anyone introduce a major organization/website that against homosexual marriage? I’d like to contribute to the fight against this pure evil.

  6. Blake Says:

    Hi Alex,

    Welcome to the blog. Yes, you are definitely right. The same arguments used in support of homosexuality if taken to their logical conclusion will most certainly legitimise incest, bestiality, coprophilia, necrophilia and all kinds of so-called sexual orientations/perversions in society. Scientific sources indicate more than 20 such perversions.

    You simply can’t legitimise one form of sexual perversion (homosexuality) and then discriminate against the “rights” of other sexual “minorities” that exist as I listed above. You eventually have to open the door to all of them if you legitimise one.

    There are several committed anti-homosexual marriage organisations such as: Americans for Truth against Homosexuality and the equally bold MassResistance

  7. Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity « Kenyans Against Homosexuality Says:

    […] of being afflicted with a range of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, Kaporsis Sarcoma and mental disorders leading to disproportionately higher suicide rates and overall shortened life spans. That’s why it’s known as the homosexual […]

  8. CommonSense Says:

    u guys must be suffering from some sort of brain damage, otherwise there is no explanation how those slippery-slope arguments make sense to u.

    May i remind u that a few decades before, interacial relationships were illegal, considered a taboo, opposed by religion and people used to equate them with bestiality and say that interracial couples pose a threat to the marriage institution, and that this opens the door to other perversions as well etc.
    Yet, was it wrong that intermarriage was legalised? No.
    Did that lead to the legalisation of incest, bestiality, rape etc? No.
    Has intermarriage caused any harm to anyone? No.
    Is this history-repeating-itself with homosexuallity? YES.

    Whether u like it or not, whether u will ever get the desency to admit it or not, the truth is one and it doesn’t gonna change: homosexuality per se just like heterosexuality, bisexuality or asexuality, is a normal variation of ones sexuallity and pose no harm to anyone at all.

    Finally, some things are bad for both parties and should be judged on their own core, otherwise we are gonna make the same mistakes we made with intermarriage. What i mean? For example, incest (gay or straight) is bad. Bestiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, rape, adultery etc likewise, either if you are straight or gay.
    If polygamy is bad for straight people, it is for gay people as well. Thinking that accepting homosexuality (which is a mistreated norm) will somehow change our perception or lack of tolerance about things that do indeed cause harm is just utterly stupid and aims to scare people that don’t have learned to use their brains properly yet.

    Let me also point out that in countries where polygamy is allowed, gay marriage is not, and countries, where gay marriage is allowed, reject polygamy. Even if we were stupid enought to legalise pedophilia, bestiality or rape on the same grounds as homosexuality, we should not consider the ban on homosexuality as a safe-net to other perversions. That case was made for intermarriage and it was debunked.

    The people who created this website seem hopeless to see the truth even if the truth stares them in the eyes. Ok! Someday, people will get to know better. We are not gonna stop pointing the facts to them.
    If u wanna make peace, don’t talk to your friends, talk to your enemies! Maybe that way, homophobes will get to admit that there is something wrong with their arguments and leave lgbt’s alone.
    “I never worry about action, only inaction.” That being said, they are welcome to come and prove us wrong, as long as they are willing to accept the truth, even if they don’t like it, because i know most of it.

    LGBT’s are the victims and homophobes are the victimizers. Period.

    • Roses Says:

      CommonSense, you never posted facts and only put an opinion. You lot take one thing that Christians (not what the religion says but the believer in Western Civilization) about promiscuity and then reverse the Homosexuality. You lot just pick and choose what make you happy. Homosexuality is wrong, why is it all gay people say they either realised they were gay (a choice), say they had been molested, or struggle with the idea they are gay before they come out (almost all things we think are wrong and struggle with at first are wrong, morally, but you gay supporters ignore this with homosexuality). Been gay is a choice as far as I’m aware, I could have sex with a man tomorrow, doesn’t mean I liked it, but I chose to do it so I would be gay. There’s still no scientific evidence that in humans we’re born gay, it didn’t take long for science to prove racist whites that we blacks are human but it still not found by any scientists until this day. And this is the same route taken by whites durin the late 1800’s/early to mid 1900’s, they followed the nature route, that blacks were inferior and bound to do so poorly in life due to genetics, this reached an extreme with Jews in the Holocaust and the popularisation of the Eugenics movement across America and Europe. Then scientific ‘discovery’ proved it was all nuture. Same with sexual deviance and perversion, it will reach a stage where pedophilia and incest will become accepted (like it was in Ancient Greece, famed for homosexuality which was largely pederasty, relationship between an adult male and a pubescent male, pedophilia). It will reach a stage where people realise how stupid it is when they look at how the population is seriously decreasin and the STD infection rate goes through the roof (population decrease can be seen in white countries worldwide where homosexuality and other sexual deviances, namely sleepin around), (STD, particularly HIV and AID’s infection rate is particularly high in countries in Africa that followed Western approaches to sex, Swaziland an example has the highest infection rate in the world, South Africa where approximately 12% of the adult population have HIV, but countries such as Uganda which refute these ideas have reduced their infection rate from some of the highest in the world in 1990 to some of the lowest in Africa 2014). Homosexuality and the Western sexual agenda is a form of birth control and sexual disease spreadin that’s why groups that follow it’s principles wholey tend to have severe problems sexual and evidently the communities seem to get a lesser standard of livin.

      • CommonSense Says:

        “you never posted facts and only put an opinion.”
        – Everyone has a personal opinion. What I’ve done so far is disproving the weak & groundless reasoning for treating lgbt’s like they are criminals who deserve jail or “therapy”. But to tell me that I post only opinions, that is completely far from the truth, but I guess u would love that to be the case to justify YOUR OWN OPINION. Regarding at least my previous post, what I wrote about intermarriage was a fact, not an opinion (people used to think that people of different races were different species and mixing them would be somehow evil on it’s core, as even the bible forbids that). The same applies to so many things I’ve posted on many of my posts.

        Homophobes say that they condemn gay marriage because gays & lesbians don’t procreate together. Then I say that we don’t stop barren or old couples or couples that don’t want to procreate from getting married for the same argument. Neither we tell people that they r obligated to procreate or to be able to do so, in order to get married. Tell me how that’s just an opinion and not a fact or a hypocrisy!

      • CommonSense Says:

        U say people become homosexual because they were sexually abused as children or there was a deficiency in sex-role modeling by their parents. WRONG! No scientifically sound study has linked sexual orientation or identity with parental role-modeling or childhood sexual abuse.

        The American Psychiatric Association noted in a 2000 fact sheet on gay, lesbian and bisexual issues that “no specific psychosocial or family dynamic cause for homosexuality has been identified, including histories of childhood sexual abuse.” The fact sheet goes on to say that sexual abuse does not appear to be any more prevalent among children who grow up and identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual than in children who grow up and identify as heterosexual. Most lgbt’s didn’t suffer any abuse until they were identified as gay.

        Similarly, the National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization notes on its website that “experts in the human sexuality field do not believe that premature sexual experiences play a significant role in late adolescent or adult sexual orientation” and added that it’s unlikely that someone can make another person gay or heterosexual.

        Modern science cannot state conclusively what causes sexual orientation, but a great many studies suggest that it is the result (amalgam) of genetic, biological & environmental forces, not a personal “choice.” One of the more recent is a 2008 Swedish study of twins (the world’s largest twin study) that appeared in The Archives of Sexual Behavior and concluded that “homosexual behavior is largely shaped by genetics and random environmental factors.” Dr. Qazi Rahman, study co-author and a leading scientist on human sexual orientation, said: “This study puts cold water on any concerns that we are looking for a single ‘gay gene’ or a single environmental variable which could be used to ‘select out’ homosexuality — the factors which influence sexual orientation are complex. And we are not simply talking about homosexuality here — heterosexual behaviour is also influenced by a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.”

        The American Psychological Association (APA) acknowledges that despite much research into the possible genetic, hormonal, social and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no evidence has emerged that would allow scientists to pinpoint the precise causes of sexual orientation. Still, the APA concludes that “most people experience little or no sense of choice about their sexual orientation.”

      • CommonSense Says:

        I also disagree with your concept about homosexuality being identified as wrong by morality, which is a personal, not universal principle. People have all sorts of moral codes which is irrelevant to their actions being either good or bad. One’s morality may state that it is wrong to fall in love and get married to someone with a different religious faith.
        One’s morality may say that it’s wrong to consummate a relationship before the wedding, or that it’s wrong to take divorce no matter the reasons behind this.

        Over the years we evolved and overcame these kinds of issues that made people struggle with themselves and their society. Unlike morality, right or wrong are universal principles that can be comprehended over all sorts of moralities. So what if Mormon’s morality and faith suggest that in order to get in heaven they should have as many women and children as possible? That makes it ipso facto right? If I have sex with my girlfriend before our future wedding, who are u to tell me “that’s immoral”?

        U say homosexuality is a choice, which strongly suggests that u ignore the fact that many lgbt’s (mostly teenagers) have struggled with suicide or taken their own lives because they felt that change is impossible and that they would never be accepted or loved for who they are. U didn’t choose to be attracted to the opposite sex. U simply are and u would still be even if u were virgin or celibate or too ugly to get laid. Even if there are no evidence that people are born gay, keep in mind that there are also no evidence that prove the opposite.

      • CommonSense Says:

        U say: “Same with sexual deviance and perversion, it will reach a stage where pedophilia and incest will become accepted).”
        -Now this is classic! Petty scaremongering. Things like that were said about allowing interracial couples to marry (it will demean marriage, it will lead to incest and bestiality etc.) . But do tell me: Did intermarriage lead to the legalization of bestiality? Do zoophiles use the same reasoning as interracial couples did? Is the mixing of races a good reason to equate intermarriage & bestiality?

        Also u use heavy words with little to no meaning (sexual deviance, perversion). Yet, for the longest time, in fact, to be a pervert wasn’t to be a sexual deviant; it was to be an atheist. U belong to the majority of people that confuse “perverted” with “malicious”. Some people consider perverted dating an adult who is 20 years older/younger than u or having sex with someone of a different race (emphasis on skin color). But one man’s perversion is another man’s (or woman’s) commonplace — as long as it harms no one including oneself.

        What’s astonishing is not only that u think that the overwhelming majority of young people in the western world accepts homosexuality somehow at the expense of others, ignoring ostensible threats (whereas the reason is that no good arguments against homosexuality have been presented), but that u also consider that allowing homosexuality somehow makes anyone rationalize child molestation, seduction of minors (who cannot give consent) or sexualizing and altering preexisted family bonds, engaging in sexual acts with the few blood-related-to-u people etc. Apart from the fact that u consider civilized people to be enough stupid to legitimize things like that because of homosexuality legalization (whereas countries that legalized it even centuries ago, still resent pedophilia etc.), I detect a naïve insinuation that not legalizing homosexuality is somehow a safe-net for other harmful perversions.

      • CommonSense Says:

        The concept that world’s population is threatened by homosexuals, a minority percentage that even u would agree is very small to damage the existence of humanity, is ridiculous. Whereas homosexuality doesn’t necessarily exclude procreation, keep in mind that we have a population of about 7.159 billion which is expected by United Nations to reach 9 billion by 2040 and as high as 11 billion by 2050. If anything, the UN warn about overpopulation on a planet with limited resources.

        The perception that HIV is more likely to get transmitted via male-to-male sexual contact is quite widespread. It’s also well known that:
        1)there are currently about 35,3 millions of HIV-positive people worldwide (less than 0.5 % of worlds population, which is way less than the percentage of humans that dare to identify themselves as LGBT, while the majority hides “in the closet”).
        2)95% of new infections occur in individuals living in low-and-middle-income countries, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, the most affected region (69% of all people worldwide living with HIV live in this region, which accounts for only 15% of world’s population).
        3) In sub-Saharan Africa, the vast majority of people living with HIV (60%) are heterosexual women.
        4)Whereas some people still consider HIV & homosexuality related to each other, the infection via lesbian sex is extremely rare, making it even much safer than straight sex. (u do know that heterosexuals get HIV too, right?).
        5)Even if HIV-positive persons were more likely to be gay men, it’s very false to conclude that this means all LGBTs are more likely to have HIV. It doesn’t work both ways, neither we can know as we don’t know how many people are actually LGBT.
        6) The HIV argument against homosexuality fails to explain the fact that not only promiscuity with no precautions can lead to infection regardless of sexual orientation, but also that gay sex is completely safe if both partners don’t have any STD’s or if they use condoms. 2 gay people cannot produce the virus on their own, so it’s ridiculous to use HIV as an anti-gay argument while there are HIV-negative gay couples.
        7)Based on previous information, it’s still ridiculous to accuse sub-Saharans for being a high risk group for HIV. Still, u have no problem using the same argument to rationalize why u hate LGBTs.

      • CommonSense Says:

        The rest of what u said is also utter rubbish and misconceptions. The western countries that accept and promote human rights for the LGBT people are far more civilized and developed compared to most African homophobic countries (like Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Nigeria, Uganda etc.). “Lesser standard of living” my foot. As far as I know there is no “gay agenda”, unless u talk for example about the purpose of gay activists to establish justice, fair treatment and basic human rights for LGBTs, harmonic coexistence of straight and gay people (without any group existing at the expense of the other).

        This is like calling the gender equality movement a “women agenda” that supposedly threatens to destroy society making men equal or quite possibly inferior to women. What a joke! If that’s your idea of a gay agenda: the “scary” thought that gay people would be considered equal to straight people, just like women are considered equal to men in the most civilized countries, then cry me a river and let it be. So far no-one provides any concrete anti-gay argument that has any worth in a intellectual debate, yet you think that western world legalizes homosexuality because we are either stupid or ignoring facts of the ostensibly “harmful nature” of homosexuality, whereas the fact is that we managed to see beyond religious prejudice that blinds our consciousness and puts barriers to our efforts to rationalize things that once seemed crazy to do (like divorce, gender equality, tattoos, premarital sex, interracial relationships, women walking in public with their head uncovered etc.).

        We simply evolved no matter how some people are driven by hate and anger to find flaws in a changing & complex world. I highly suggest that u read some of my rebuttal comments in the other articles existing in this filthy website, which gives me though the opportunity to prove how groundless all this homophobic propaganda is. Maybe next time u will know better than telling me this is just my opinion. What I saw is u implying that countries like Nigeria and Iran are better compared to gay friendly countries like UK, Spain, Costa Rica, France etc.. So don’t expect your opinion to make any sense to me.

        U talked about pedophilia which strikes me as odd coming from u, as I know that according to UNICEF, Africa has the highest incidence rates of child marriage, with over 70% of girls marrying under the age of 18 (plus in counties like Niger, Ethiopia and Chad perform weddings even with girls below 12 years of age). But I forgot that u guys don’t condemn pedophilia per se, but only gay pedophilia. The abusing of girls by old male pervs is not worth your “precious” time or consideration. Utter hypocrisy. U wanted my opinion? There u have it now (along with some irrefutable facts as always).
        Read my comment above.
        If u r going to respond to me, don’t use the “reply” button.

  9. CommonSense Says:

    If u r going to say “Homosexuality is wrong”, don’t just state this, prove it. Because just like u, I don’t trust anyone’s opinion without strong cases, valid arguments. I’ve done nothing less and I expect that from u as well. Btw, I never said I was homosexual. Maybe I’m just well read and i had an older gay brother who was murdered because of hatred. How do u know that’s not the case?

    u say “Homosexuality is a choice” (which is irrelevant to being either good or bad). Apart from the fact that I disagree as i don’t even know what that means, u make some big fallacies. U think people who realized they were gay, ipso fact chose it. Like, she realized she was allergic to peanuts when she was 7, therefore she chose it. Au contraire, it’s the same like little boys that find out usually by puberty that girls are pretty & sexy etc. . But we don’t suppose that until that moment they were born something else but straight. There’s no ground to believe that someone who was never attracted to the opposite sex was ever heterosexual. To believe otherwise is an opinion which hasn’t been scientifically proved.

  10. jay adams Says:

    What I find most offensive is how these god damn disease spreading faggots always go back to “interracial marriage” or civil rights when trying to promote and justify their cause.
    The ban on Interracial marriage was mostly to prevent black men from marrying white women. Two fags wanting to get married has nothing to do with and is an insult to compare it with interracial marriage.

    Kenya is right to ban gay sex. AIDS Kills 100% of the time! Gays/Fags spread AIDS, therefore fags should be jailed, imprisoned for life or banished to an inescapable island.

    Normal couples get married to procreate. Fags only spread disease and recruit little kids to promote their diseased lifestyle.
    Change your life faggots: Eat some pussy instead of shit-on-a-dick!!

    The Civil Rights movement was not about homos butt fucking, but rather about giving full citizenship to African Americans! Does anyone believe the Civil Rights Act Of 1964 would have passed if it’s was sole purpose was to let fags get married?

    The FDA does not let homos donate blood. Why? because you diseased ridden fucks carry the deadliest disease known to man. You fags created the pandemic now known as AIDS.
    There are only two diseases that are 100% fatal and 100% preventable AND avoidable: AIDS and Rabies!!

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY:”The ban on Interracial marriage was mostly to prevent black men from marrying white women.”

      REALLY? I would never guessed that. Is that supposed to be news to anyone??? And seriously now, do u think that black women were not banned from marrying white dudes?

      At one point, 40 states in this country forbade the marriage of a white person to a person of color. In other words, people could not marry a person of the “wrong” race. Marriages between whites and persons of color were decried as “immoral” and “unnatural”. Overwhelming numbers of Americans agreed. (Even today, the Kentucky church bans interracial marriages.) A Virginia Judge upheld that State’s ban on interracial marriages saying, in a language with the same rhetorical tone as used against gay people today:

      “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix.”

      Parallels anyone???

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “Two fags wanting to get married has nothing to do with and is an insult to compare it with interracial marriage.”

      I just disproved your argument and i don’t care if u r insulted by the obvious similarities between the 2 stupid marriage bans.

    • CommonSense Says:

      .U SAY: “Kenya is right to ban gay sex. AIDS Kills 100% of the time! Gays/Fags spread AIDS, therefore fags should be jailed, imprisoned for life or banished to an inescapable island.”
      What a load of crap!

      POINT 1: Lesbian sex is gay too, yet it’s the safest kind of sex (compared even to hetero) against HIV. So much for gay sex being bad in itself, huh?

      POINT 2: HIV is not considered a deadly disease anymore and it’s very possible that soon it will be entirely cured or prevented.

      POINT 3: AIDS is caused by HIV, not gay sex per se. The virus can be transmitted through sexual contact (gay or straight) with an HIV-positive person and in many cases by non sexual acts like tattoing, drug use with used syringes and needles etc.

      POINT 4: Even to argue that the majority of HIV infections are via gay sex, it doesn’t mean backwards that the majority of gay sexual contacts leads to HIV infections. It’s like saying “most cannibals are africans, therefore most africans are cannibals.”

      Point 5: Thanks to monogamy, condoms and sex with HIV-negative persons, the probability of HIV infection via gay sex in these cases is next to zero.

      POINT 6: Isn’t it bad enough that gays give each other deadly diseases (according to your theory)? U think that they need further punishment for doing as they wish with each other? What the hell is wrong with u?

      POINT 7: The latest statistics of the global HIV and AIDS epidemic published by UNAIDS, WHO and UNICEF in December 2012, state that from a total of 34 million HIV-positive persons worldwide, only the sub-suharan africa accounts for 23.5 millions of them, which quite doubtly means that this area is the mecca of gay sex, as transmission is mainly through heterosexual sex, with women disproportionately infected compared to their male counterparts (contrary to lesbians).

      POINT 8: It’s been noticed that the percentage of HIV-positive persons by country, au contraire to homophobic Africa, is far more low in gay friendly countries. And while sexual promiscuity indeed contributes to HIV spreading, it’s outstanding that u don’t promote monogamy by allowing civil (not religious) same sex marriages.

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “Normal couples get married to procreate.”

      Do you imply that steriles, or overaged couples or couples that don’t want to procreate but maybe rather adopt or even have no children at all, are abnormal or should not be allowed to get married as well??? Again, what the hell is wrong with u???

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “Fags only spread disease and recruit little kids to promote their diseased lifestyle.”

      Totally bogus arguments as i know for a fact that there are gays that don’t get infected (therefore neither spread) HIV, gays that live in monogamous relationships with zero risk to HIV exposure, gays that live promiscuous lives but take all neccesary precautions to prevent such infections etc. The “children recruitment” thing is total fiction crap, as there is no slightest shred of evidence to support such allegation. Homophobic leaders have been asked to show any evidence like a video-document or a recruited child or simply any proof and they came up with NOTHING.

      Also lifestyles can be the same or different within and across different groups (ie. Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Religion, Disabled, etc.) because everyone does not have the same wants, needs, and desires. Lifestyles are NOT always monolithic and all Straights don’t have the same lifestyle as all other Straights, and all Gays don’t have the same lifestyle as all other Gays, and many straights and gays DO have the SAME lifestyles: They go to work, take care of their family, have sex, have religious beliefs, wash the dishes/clothes, laugh, cry, get angry, bathe, brush their teeth, eat, sleep, hobbies, etc.

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “Change your life faggots: Eat some pussy instead of shit-on-a-dick!!”

      U are disgusting! I wonder if u urinate during fucking a pussy. Let’s make a deal and change lives. I will try to convince a gay friend to eat some pussy if u agree to eat some dick: 1 in your mouth and 1 up your ass. How do u like that, bitch? I guess now u agree on “mind you own bussiness”.

      U SAY: “The Civil Rights movement was not about homos butt fucking, but rather about giving full citizenship to African Americans!”

      Yeah, right! That was what it was all about. That and allowing straight people to eat cock and pussy of different colors than theirs. SEE? I can be as stupid and shallow as u once in a while but i’m far more better than u. And my counter arguments are all the proof that one needs to notice how low level intelligence u have, unlike me.

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “Does anyone believe the Civil Rights Act Of 1964 would have passed if it’s was sole purpose was to let fags get married?”

      Does it matter at all? Probably it wouldn’t. That doesn’t make it right or wrong. And no one said that this should be the sole purpose of the Civil Rights Act. After all, the LGBT community is not the only group of our society with civil rights. Women are civilians too. Do u think 50 years ago or something society would even discuss the right of women to vote??? Do you think if they knew that it would happen soon, that the Civil Rights Act would had passed?

      I believe in any case (gay marriage or women voting), it should had passed because everyone should be treated fair, in justice under the civil law. Why should anyone care if women want to vote or gay couples want to get married? If 70 years people were told that women should have the right to vote, then u would hear that next thing we are gonna give the same right to children or prisoners or animals. It’s the same slippery slope argument that has been used to equate gays with pedophiles, rapists etc.

    • CommonSense Says:

      U SAY: “The FDA does not let homos donate blood. Why? because you diseased ridden fucks carry the deadliest disease known to man. You fags created the pandemic now known as AIDS.”

      African Americans contract HIV at a disproportionately higher rate than the rest of Americans, and yet there is no ban on donating blood if you’ve been black since 1977.Also actually, step by step, FDA lifts the ban on gay men’s blood donations. South Africa has already lifted the ban which is discriminatory and unethical.

      No matter what your sexual preference, occupation, age and race, HIV can still infect you as long as you are human. Risky behaviour and unhealthy lifestyle can increase your chance of getting HIV.

      HIV disproportionately affects many populations, but that is no fault of the populations themselves. Many societal factors, including poverty, access to education, access to quality health care, geographical location , and racism can put many other groups at high risk for HIV infection. African Americans unfairly shoulder much of the burden of the HIV epidemic, as well as gay men and Latinos.

      16,000 people worldwide are infected with HIV every single day (World Health Organization). They are not all gay. In the United States, HIV infection rates have held steady at 40,000 per year, but recent preliminary data suggests those rates are on the rise. They are not all gay. African-American and Hispanic women together represent less than one-fourth of all U.S. women, but account for more than three-fourths (76%) of AIDS cases among women in this country (CDC Update, 6/98). Women now account for 43% of all HIV infected people over the age of 15 (New York Times, 11/98). In just over a decade, the proportion of all AIDS cases reported among adult and adolescent women tripled, from 7% in 1985 to 22% in 1997 (CDC Update, 6/98).

    • CommonSense Says:

      Also HIV was not created in some kind of “gay lab” as many iliterate fools believe. HIV originates from SIV, which is common amongst apes, when being hunted for food, the blood of the dead apes came in contact with human blood, either by an accidental knife cut or similar action. SIV and HIV had a common ancestor around 100 years ago, well before genetic engineer or the knowledge of viruses that we have today. SIV from animals simply mutated within human blood into the well-known deadly HIV.

      One of the earliest infections of HIV was in a blood sample taken in 1959 from a man living in the Belgian Congo, this was long before human beings had knowledge of genetic engineering or real in-depth knowledge of virology. There’s also a similar case from 1960 where another individual, a woman this time, in the Belgian Congo was known to have HIV. No wonder why Africa is so fucking ridden by HIV when the facts strongly suggest this continent to be ground zero for the virus, not to mention again the fail of the african hunters.

  11. Ron J Says:

    God damn faggots! Diseased rats they are, and should be exterminated.

    • CommonSense Says:

      U spoke like a true jihadist terrorist. The irony of your comment is that actually homophobia is the real mental disorder, and your slimy kind of extremists seems like the real rodents – AKA rats- to any sane, civilised person.

      You and the viperous miscreants of your kind that commits war crimes and atrocities against women, gay men, children, western societies, peace, America, Europe, freedom of religion and INNOCENTS…. ALL OF YOU HATEFUL DIRTBAGS ARE DOOMED TO FAILURE, RETRIBUTION AND EXTINCTION. It’s only a matter of time.

      So go screw yourselves and your pathetic ideology, homophobic miscreants.

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