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Michael Jackson was a Homosexual: We just refused to see it

June 30, 2010

1st Death anniversary commentary Michael Jackson

This being the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, I believe it’s high time we examined a part of his life that appears to have been ignored following his sudden demise on June 25th 2009. Considering the rapid advance and celebration of the homosexual lifestyle in the West, and an emerging bold and media-supported facet of the same in Nairobi, this post comes at an appropriate time for those of us MJ fans who would like to face up unflinchingly to some painful truths.   

A lot has been said and written about the late iconic musician Michael Jackson. His talent and genius was undeniable. His memory and spectacular contribution to the global music industry will probably be talked about for many years to come. As evangelist Al Sharpton remarked soon after his death, the man was truly a historic figure.

However, there’s an aspect of Michael Jackson’s life that continues to be glossed over as people look back at his fantastic music. Yes, numerous accusations did come up in the 1990s regarding his paedophilic tendencies and indeed, a number of law-suits were instituted against him. A famous case example is the out-of-court settlement between MJ and a 13-year-old, Jordan Chandler in 2005. It was reported that the boy’s family was paid $10m to drop the sordid affair.

The remarkable aspect about these depraved encounters between MJ and underage boys was that the realisation never quite hit us, including the liberal media – that MJ could simply have been a homosexual. Indeed, looking at his music, videos and his brief marriages, it is rather obvious that he was trying too hard to be what he was not. The most bizarre aspect was that we all kept fooling ourselves that he was a hot-blooded heterosexual even as he continued to show us that he was in actual fact a homosexual all along.

Just look at his weird relationship with women and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s rumoured that all his three children were fathered through artificial insemination. It was also once reported that he hired the model Brook Shields has his date. Now, considering the manner in which his adoring female fans would swoon in excitement at his concerts, what sort of man was he to hire a woman as his date?

His ridiculous transformation from being a black man to a something akin to a white woman, to the point when he started wearing red lipsticks in the 90s, and his lust for young boys, MJ was telling us clearly what we refused to acknowledge – that he was really a Homosexual all along! 

Clearly, love is blind. Our love for Michael Jackson, an ‘ex-black man’ who managed to transcend racial bigotry way before Obama and Oprah had the audacity to dream about it, strongly blinded as to this obvious truth for more than three decades.

As we commemorate the first anniversary of his death and remember his great music, it’s also time to finally acknowledge his homosexuality and its causes. Perhaps, a close look at the brutal relationship he had with his father could give us pointers as to what went wrong in Michael Jackson’s childhood development and his sorry transformation into a tragic figure in his latter years.    

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