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President Obama destroys America’s military might using Homosexuality

December 22, 2010

United States President Barrack Obama’s misguided dream of imposing homosexuality on Americans received a tremendous boost last Saturday 18th December 2010 when the Democrat-controlled US House and Senate voted 63-33, allowing likely passage of a bill to repeal the ban on open homosexuals in the military.

Taking advantage of the “lame-duck” session before newly elected Republican Party members are sworn in early next year, Democrats led by Majority Leader Harry Reid and supported by several “conservatives” such us Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Independent) secured the vote to effectively homosexualize the United States Armed Forces.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, which opposes the “gay” activist agenda, said the vote, potentially clearing the way for repealing the military ban, is the most important homosexuality-related congressional vote ever held: “If the lame-duck Congress succeeds in ‘gaying down’ our military this weekend, it will take a disastrous leap toward “mainstreaming” deviant, sinful homosexual conduct – not just in the military but in larger society — thus further propelling America’s moral downward spiral.”

Obama has frequently and falsely compared homosexuality, a changeable, destructive and depraved sexual BEHAVIOUR, to the question of RACE, an immutable genetic characteristic that is not destructive or deviant in any way. He has often gone ahead to claim that the homosexual “rights” movement is similar to the Black Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. I maintain that this is a gross insult to all black people in the world.

With these unfortunate developments in the US military, I foresee the rapid weakening of its might as professional and morally-inclined soldiers leave in droves to avoid being compelled to shower and bunk with fellows ogling their backsides. Morale and discipline is also likely to go down with the emergence of an effeminate “pink” culture in the US barracks [see the videos below].

As I conclude this commentary, its important to note that one of the reasons cited in historical studies for the decline and eventual collapse of the once mighty Roman empire was the embrace and celebration of homosexuality. Thanks to Obama and his radical liberal agenda, the United States of America is now ready to follow suit.