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Organizations promoting Homosexuality in Kenya

April 25, 2011

Just last week, the Daily Nation reported another bizarre “wedding” between a Kenyan woman based in Kansas, USA and an American mother of two. This follows a similar tragic tale of the Kenyan men who got “married” in London, back in 2009. This may be a bit far fetched but its a scenario homosexuals and their misguided sympathisers would love to see happen in Kenya, just like in Obama’s America.

Lesbian "wedding"
Terry Wakonyo Ng’endo, 24, and her “bride” Courtney Nicole, 25 (left). Photo credit: Daily Nation.

Many Kenyans are not aware that homosexual lobby groups in our country are not only well organized, but also well funded by European and American so called “human rights” organisations. Notable among these funders is the Open Society Foundations of American Billionaire and liberal radical George Soros, and the Urgent Action Fund.

Their nefarious operations in Nairobi and other parts of the country have been done covertly, away from public glare and sanction. However, since the 2007 World Social Forum held in Kasarani, Nairobi, there has been concerted efforts to promote their agenda more openly and boldly. They have the support of mainstream journalists, especially at the Nation Media Group (said to be either homosexuals or lesbians) and some high-ranking government officials, including some Members of Parliament and two cabinet Ministers who are themselves homosexuals!

The Nation Media Group, despite its hypocritical posture as a “family-oriented” media house, has over the last two years provided a powerful forum for several homosexual affirming articles. These are mostly from their regular columnists Prof Makau Mutua (Sunday Nation), Muthoni Wanyeki (The NGO Kenya Human Rights Commission Director writing for the East African newspaper) and sometimes Charles Onyango Obbo (East African). There are times supportive articles have been sourced from Kenyan homosexuals living in America such as Keguro Macharia (A professor of English – University of Maryland).

With this kind of support, Kenyan homosexual lobbies were behind plans to sneak in clauses repealing or seriously weakening the penal code section 162-165 (that criminalizes their homosexual behaviour). This was during the law review that culminated in a new constitution in August 2010. Fortunately for Kenyans, this plan floundered and the penalty for homosexual behaviour remains 5 to 14 years imprisonment. However, the homosexual community has been celebrating a pyrrhic victory of sorts since then claiming that the new constitution only prohibits same-sex marriage but not same-sex relations! People are sometimes allowed their delusions.

Nonetheless, I will now lay bare a list of homosexual organizations operating in Kenya, the people behind their operations and what they’ve been up to in recent times.

The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)

Established in May 2006, GALCK is a coalition of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) organisations based in Kenya. The website, expressly states their core mission to be the deletion of sections 162-165 of the penal code that criminalizes their lifestyles in Kenya. The coalition is comprised of Minority Women in Action (MWA), Gay Kenya, Ishtar, GALEBITRA, TOMIK, Diverse Outing, Changing Attitudes and Equality Now!

The GALCK General Manager has over the last few years been one, a Mr David Kuria. In late 2010, he commenced issuing press statements challenging Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s position that homosexual behaviour in Kenya remains illegal under the new constitution. Despite his correct interpretation of the law, the PM cowardly seemed to retract from his call to the police to arrest homosexuals after a media storm orchestrated by homo supporters including Prof Makau Mutua and Muthoni Wanyeki. A recent advert on the Gay Kenya website indicates that GALCK is looking for a new GM.

Pouline Kimani, a young woman in her mid twenties, is one of the key GALCK officials in charge of co-ordinating lesbian activities in Kenya. She has appeared in several TV talk shows in Kenya and Uganda (for example a Citizen TV Hatua Show in 2008) talking about the “oppression” of homosexuals and advocating for acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.

Discerning Kenyans should be keenly aware that the homosexual movement in our country deliberately fronts lesbians as spokespersons because they know audiences will not feel overly affronted or offended. Most Kenyan men view lesbians as a huge kinky joke. In fact, quite a number have sexual fantasies about lesbians.

Now, if a Kenyan male homosexual was to appear on TV, the ball game would change dramatically. Male homos tend to gross out the average Kenyan. Men in particular cannot picture how a fellow man can give up his ass to another man in the name of “love” and “sex”. Crudely put, the thought of a man copulating with another man makes the average Kenyan man puke. The hostility that would result from such a media approach could set back the homosexual movement in Kenya very many years of their underground work.

The homo lobbies and their financiers know this, and that’s why they present nice looking young women on TV to advocate for the legitimization of homosexuality. Lets wise up to these charades and reject their lifestyles for good.

Ishtar MSM

A community-based organization working with men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi. Established in 1997, it is the oldest of the Kenyan homo organizations. The founder director, Emmanuel Kamau a.k.a. “Aunty Ivy” in homo circles, fled into exile in the USA soon after the World Social Forum of 2007, claiming his life was in danger. He is “married” to a white man, who is apparently a “pastor” in one of the “evangelical” churches in Nairobi. They reside in Dallas, Texas. The current director of Ishtar is known as Mr. Peter Njane.

TOMICK (The Other Men in Kenya)

This group was founded by a former gospel singer known as David Ohingo. TOMICK is a small group of well-connected homosexual men who secretly lobby the political environment in Kenya towards decriminalization of homosexuality.

KEGALE Trust (Kenya Gay and Lesbian Trust)

Registered as a Trust by the registrar of Societies, these are the people behind GayKenya. The founders have previously written to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHRC) requesting for the support and recognition of their “rights” to live openly as homosexuals in Kenya. They’ve received some enthusiastic support from Lawrence Mute, a blind former commissioner who has previously penned media articles opposing the discrimination of homosexuals on the grounds of sexual orientation.

If you ask me, that’s a lame argument for the simple reason that a pedophile or a person who practices bestiality would claim the same “discrimination” on the same grounds as homosexuals. In any case, science has documented over 23 different sexual orientations/perversions. If as a country we start tolerating and affirming homosexuality, why not the other perversions? In fact, I submit that this approach will open the flood gates to all sorts of repugnant societal misfits claiming legitimacy based on “equality” and “diversity” under the law.

Other Sheep East Africa (OSEA)

A homosexual “christian” couple from the USA, Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz, were instrumental in its formation and funding in 2008. Steve is the Executive Director of Other Sheep (USA) based in New York. This organization claims to “minister” to homosexuals in East Africa, providing a “church” where their sexual orientation is accepted and celebrated.

Its key officials are as follows:
• Rev. Michael Nzuki Kimindu of Metropolitan Community Church (a defrocked Anglican preacher, also discharged from Military Chaplaincy) – Coordinator.
• Rev. John Makokha (also a defrocked Anglican preacher) – Coordinator.
• Mrs. Anne Baraza – A Counselor helping homosexuals, their friends and families come to terms with the lifestyle.
• Mr. Peter Wanyama – Committee member.

As a majority of Kenyans continue with their ambivalence towards homosexuals assuming they are just a fringe group that has no chance in Kenya, homosexual lobby groups are not sleeping. They are working day and night to ensure they win official legitimacy for their unhealthy sexual lifestyles. Remarkably, the homo lobbies already have representation in the Kenya National AIDS Control Council (NACC), ostensibly to highlight the plight of homosexual people afflicted by AIDS. The real reason was that foreign financiers arm-twisted the GoK to include them if they wanted more funding towards AIDS.

The NACC has already participated in many homosexual activities, being invited to speak at several of their forums. This is never reported in the local media as gay events but merely as AIDS seminars. A notable one is the World AIDS Day on December 1st – a day that is fast becoming synonymous with homosexual lobbies parading in the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa under the guise of fighting the AIDS scourge.

In a clever attempt to disguise their identities as gay lobbies, t-shirts emblazoned with the GALCK logo replace the “A” with a red AIDS ribbon. This deludes Kenyans into thinking that the demonstrators are just another group fighting against the AIDS scourge. Unfortunately for these misguided homo folks, the obvious medical truth is that their lifestyle behaviour is actually the cause of their affliction from HIV/AIDS. See an earlier post on the subject – Diseases associated with Homosexuality. Let Kenyans beware of these organisations and what they intend for our society.