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Homosexual coup d’état in the Kenyan Judiciary

May 24, 2011

Nancy Baraza & Willy Mutunga

Ms Nancy Baraza and Dr Willy Mutunga: Controversial nominees for deputy Chief Justice and Chief Justice respectively. Photo credit: Standard Group

Friday the 13th in urban legends and modern superstitions is viewed by many as a day in which bad luck reigns supreme. Indeed, a horror movie by that name has no less than 12 sequels all the way to 13! On that infamous date just over one week ago, the Kenyan Judicial Service Commission (JSC) chaired by Prof Christine Mango and starring the controversial advocate Ahmednasir Abdullahi among others, unleashed on Kenya perhaps the most radical left-leaning liberal advocate the country has ever seen as nominee for Chief Justice (CJ).

After a grueling two weeks of public interviews of 10 finalists, the JSC nominated civil society activists Dr Willy Mutunga and Ms Nancy Baraza for the positions of CJ and deputy CJ respectively. Their names were forwarded the same day to President Kibaki and PM Raila for “consultations” and appointment via parliamentary approval. Thereafter, an intriguing media storm began.

I want to state clearly from the onset that despite an overwhelming campaign by leading personalities and mainstream media commentators praising the suitability of the two to head our Judiciary, there are compelling reasons to believe that Kenyans are being deluded big time into accepting individuals who will ultimately prove fatal for our vulnerable social fabric and moral wellbeing as a nation. Notwithstanding their remarkable credentials and record advocating for greater democracy in Kenya over the last three decades, I strongly believe the pair has over the years embraced despicable western ideologies that present a clear and immediate danger to our society. Allow me to explain.

There’s now sufficient public evidence from the past week’s media storm to conclude that Mutunga and Baraza sold their consciences a long time ago to the global Homosexual movement. In numerous forums and presentations in the so-called “Human Rights” conferences, the two have made unambiguous statements that indicate their strong support for the legitimization of homosexual behaviour in Kenya that would open the way for the introduction of same-sex marriage in the country.

Its instructive to note that on 16th May, Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui while filing a petition in the High Court challenging the nomination of the two stated in his affidavit that: “The two nominees have been openly supporting homosexuality. Dr Mutunga facilitated the incorporation of Kenya Gay and Lesbian Trust (KEGALE) dated October 31, 2006, whose objective was to engage in activism for the abolition of legal and extra legal forms of discrimination by same gender loving people.” Mr Kinyanjui questioned whether the JSC interviewed the two nominees over the same issue.

Read more details of Mutunga’s homosexual “rights” record on this webpage. Click here also for Baraza’s views on homosexuality. These are especially very telling. They were recorded at a CKRC meeting back in 2002 when Yash Pal Ghai (another apologist for homosexuality) was leading the constitutional review team and where Ms Baraza was also a Commissioner.

I’ve no doubts that if their appointments are approved by Parliament, it would virtually be a coup d’état in the Kenyan Judiciary as far as radical redefinition of homosexuality and our traditional family set-ups are concerned.

Legitimizing homosexuality and same-sex marriage

I predict that in the next two years, the two will attempt to gerrymander around our constitution to make rulings declaring section 162-165 of our penal code “unconstitutional” and “oppressive” to the so-called sexual “minorities”. This perversion will be done in the guise of promoting “equality”, “tolerance” and “diversity” in our society, and with great support from western powers. The earth-shaking ruling will probably be preceded by a well-choreographed lawsuit by the Gay & Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) or some other homosexual outfit. They will claim “discrimination” on the grounds of sexual orientation and will be requesting a supreme court interpretation of the Bill of Rights. This is the game plan by the homosexual lobbies in Kenya and the nomination of Mutunga as CJ would not have come at a better time for these groups.

Let’s all be clear about one thing: Nature discriminates against homosexuality. The global taboo against homosexuality running back thousand of years is rooted in natural law – for nature (or God as author of nature) designed the anatomy and physiology of human beings in such a way that sex between men and women is sex “according to nature.” Sex between men and men or between women and women, though it can be accomplished in an unnatural manner, doesn’t seem to be what God had in mind. Finally, homosexuality has never been scientifically proven to have any genetic causes despite many attempts by western gay lobbies to falsify research into the existence of a so-called “gay gene”.

Same-sex arrangements can never be “equal” to the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. They cannot produce children by themselves. Homosexual partners cannot acquire a child without involving heterosexual procreation in some way. There’s no doubt that society should always put the welfare of children first by favoring natural parenting (mother and father) over an atrocious experimental version (father and male lover) that models perversion to innocent children in their own home.

Dr Willy Mutunga was a strong campaigner for greater democratic space in the 1990s when former President Moi and KANU were riding roughshod over the country. To many people, he remains an icon of patriotism and nationalism. Ms Nancy Baraza also has an enviable record of civil society work standing up for human and women rights over the last three decades, especially at the FIDA.

However, this history does not give them the license to betray their motherland by foisting on the Kenyan society ideologies and values that are diametrically opposed to our moral and healthy wellbeing. Homosexuality remains in the eyes of many, an intrinsically disordered sexual behaviour and an abomination to our cultures and norms. Any attempt to impose this sick behaviour on Kenyans through judicial activism and legislation from the bench by Mutunga and Baraza should be regarded by all moral and right-thinking Kenyans as surely, a virtual act of treason due to its destructive consequences on the nation.

This is not idle talk. Historians have conclusively established that one of the major factors that led to the decline of once-great ancient empires was the acceptance and full embrace of the homosexual lifestyle by those empires. The great Roman empire crumbled and weakened under this destructive behaviour. Years of embracing the vice by Roman noblemen to levels of absurdity, considerably weakened the overall preparedness of the Roman state against potential threats.

Looking at the United States of America especially under President Obama, one can clearly tell that this nation is on the decline as a result of this moral decadence and so-called “liberal” policies that allow “civil unions” between homosexuals. To save Kenya from this future ignominy, Parliament must reject the nomination of Dr Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza. The two surely cannot be the only ones who can reform our Judiciary.