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Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity

January 12, 2013

“My sexual act did not make me Black. This is something the gays cannot say, for it is a fact that their sexual act is why they call themselves gay.” – Wayne Perryman, 2008.

Kevin-Prince Boateng left the field with his AC Milan teammates after hearing racist abuse from opposing fans. An exhibition soccer game between AC Milan and lower division club Pro Patria was abandoned last Thursday 3rd January, 2013 after Milan's players walked off the pitch because of racist chants, the latest incident of racial abuse blighting the sport in Europe. (Antonio Calanni/AP file photo).

Thursday 3rd January, 2013: AC Milan’s soccer player Kevin-Prince Boateng is the latest high profile victim of racial hatred. He walked off the field with his AC Milan teammates after racist abuse from opposing fans, abandoning an exhibition soccer match against lower division club Pro Patria. President Obama would want everyone to believe that Boateng’s racial identity is equal to homosexual behaviour. (Antonio Calanni/AP file photo).

My first blog post this year focuses on the most insulting lie ever perpetrated by homosexual lobby groups across the world, the liberal media and politicians in the west, and particularly President Obama. This is the outrageous claim that engaging in homosexual activity is the same as being born black, and therefore rejecting homosexuality is a form of bigotry! This barefaced lie needs to be exposed for what it is, especially at a time when racial hatred is under media spotlight following recent racial epithets hurled at Ghanaian international football star Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Its important that fellow Kenyans are in a strong position to factually refute any attempts to package homosexuality as an immutable genetic attribute akin to racial identity or gender. Obama’s past falsehoods to that effect are much more toxic because he identifies himself as an African-American. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (also African-American) has continued to perpetuate this illegitimate comparison at every opportunity. His daughter Katherine is a lesbian.

The worst capitulation to political interests over 2012 was by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) while agreeing with Obama’s support for same-sex marriages. NAACP issued a statement comparing African-American struggles for racial equality with homosexual agitation for same-sex marriages. Nothing could be further from the truth, and may I add, more disgusting.

It’s really the worst insult anyone can come up with to compare the 1960s Black American civil rights movement with people who identify themselves with how they choose to have sex. Obama and his fellow gay journeymen in the US political establishment have over the last few years shamelessly attempted to re-define a perverted sexual behaviour into a minority status equal to racial identity. Sunday Nation columnist Makau Mutua has repeatedly used this obnoxious line of argument to promote homosexual behaviour as a legitimate “minority” status through his articles.

This disgraceful comparison is nothing more than the ultimate insult and degradation of all people of colour. There is simply no legitimate or rational comparison between skin color and any form of sexual behavior. I hereby present a simple table to illustrate the unbridgeable chasm between a so-called homosexual identity and our God-given racial identities.

Racial identity Homosexuality
1 Being born into any race is determined by the genetic racial identity of your parents. You did not behave in any way or contribute anything to be born white, black or brown. It is defined as “having a desire for someone of the same sex [gender] or the act of having sex with someone of the same sex [gender].” In other words it is a sexual behavior carried out with someone of the same gender.
2 Having a black, brown or white skin is a physical status. Homosexuality is a sexual behavior expressed and not a physical trait of any person.
3 You cannot live ‘in the closet’ to hide your racial identity from society. Most homosexuals can live comfortably ‘in the closet’ hiding their behavior from society for the rest of their lives.
4 Racial identity is immutable. You cannot change your racial identity no matter what you do. Many homosexuals across the world continue to renounce their former sexual perversions to lead normal, healthy and heterosexual lifestyles.
5 Racial identity has no bearing on your moral decisions. That is, your ability to make distinctions between right and wrong in your daily conduct. Homosexual behavior is a wrong sexual behavior (immoral) because it is biologically unhealthy, biologically unnatural and it violates God’s established moral order on the sexual conduct of men and women.
6 Racial identity has no bearing on your physical or mental health. Homosexual behavior carries with it severe risks of being afflicted with a range of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, Kaporsis Sarcoma and mental disorders leading to disproportionately higher suicide rates and overall shortened life spans. That’s why it’s known as the homosexual ‘deathstyle’.

This universal distinction needs to be made patently clear to any one who would dare utter the asinine statement – “being gay is like being black”. This is especially critical at a time when homosexual organizations and their financiers from the West are engaged in heightened activity for the promotion of homosexual behaviour in Kenya. This can be seen through the staging of a “Kenya Gay and Lesbians Awards Day” on December 15th, 2012 organised by the NGO Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

This was followed by a media revelation that the Kenya Institute of Education had stealthily introduced a homosexual inspired set book for Kenyan high school students – The Whale Rider – all the way from New Zealand! Fellow Kenyans, lets stand up against these wicked attempts to legitimize an evidently depraved and dangerous lifestyle to our youths.

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