Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity

“My sexual act did not make me Black. This is something the gays cannot say, for it is a fact that their sexual act is why they call themselves gay.” – Wayne Perryman, 2008.

Kevin-Prince Boateng left the field with his AC Milan teammates after hearing racist abuse from opposing fans. An exhibition soccer game between AC Milan and lower division club Pro Patria was abandoned last Thursday 3rd January, 2013 after Milan's players walked off the pitch because of racist chants, the latest incident of racial abuse blighting the sport in Europe. (Antonio Calanni/AP file photo).

Thursday 3rd January, 2013: AC Milan’s soccer player Kevin-Prince Boateng is the latest high profile victim of racial hatred. He walked off the field with his AC Milan teammates after racist abuse from opposing fans, abandoning an exhibition soccer match against lower division club Pro Patria. President Obama would want everyone to believe that Boateng’s racial identity is equal to homosexual behaviour. (Antonio Calanni/AP file photo).

My first blog post this year focuses on the most insulting lie ever perpetrated by homosexual lobby groups across the world, the liberal media and politicians in the west, and particularly President Obama. This is the outrageous claim that engaging in homosexual activity is the same as being born black, and therefore rejecting homosexuality is a form of bigotry! This barefaced lie needs to be exposed for what it is, especially at a time when racial hatred is under media spotlight following recent racial epithets hurled at Ghanaian international football star Kevin-Prince Boateng.

Its important that fellow Kenyans are in a strong position to factually refute any attempts to package homosexuality as an immutable genetic attribute akin to racial identity or gender. Obama’s past falsehoods to that effect are much more toxic because he identifies himself as an African-American. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (also African-American) has continued to perpetuate this illegitimate comparison at every opportunity. His daughter Katherine is a lesbian.

The worst capitulation to political interests over 2012 was by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) while agreeing with Obama’s support for same-sex marriages. NAACP issued a statement comparing African-American struggles for racial equality with homosexual agitation for same-sex marriages. Nothing could be further from the truth, and may I add, more disgusting.

It’s really the worst insult anyone can come up with to compare the 1960s Black American civil rights movement with people who identify themselves with how they choose to have sex. Obama and his fellow gay journeymen in the US political establishment have over the last few years shamelessly attempted to re-define a perverted sexual behaviour into a minority status equal to racial identity. Sunday Nation columnist Makau Mutua has repeatedly used this obnoxious line of argument to promote homosexual behaviour as a legitimate “minority” status through his articles.

This disgraceful comparison is nothing more than the ultimate insult and degradation of all people of colour. There is simply no legitimate or rational comparison between skin color and any form of sexual behavior. I hereby present a simple table to illustrate the unbridgeable chasm between a so-called homosexual identity and our God-given racial identities.

Racial identity Homosexuality
1 Being born into any race is determined by the genetic racial identity of your parents. You did not behave in any way or contribute anything to be born white, black or brown. It is defined as “having a desire for someone of the same sex [gender] or the act of having sex with someone of the same sex [gender].” In other words it is a sexual behavior carried out with someone of the same gender.
2 Having a black, brown or white skin is a physical status. Homosexuality is a sexual behavior expressed and not a physical trait of any person.
3 You cannot live ‘in the closet’ to hide your racial identity from society. Most homosexuals can live comfortably ‘in the closet’ hiding their behavior from society for the rest of their lives.
4 Racial identity is immutable. You cannot change your racial identity no matter what you do. Many homosexuals across the world continue to renounce their former sexual perversions to lead normal, healthy and heterosexual lifestyles.
5 Racial identity has no bearing on your moral decisions. That is, your ability to make distinctions between right and wrong in your daily conduct. Homosexual behavior is a wrong sexual behavior (immoral) because it is biologically unhealthy, biologically unnatural and it violates God’s established moral order on the sexual conduct of men and women.
6 Racial identity has no bearing on your physical or mental health. Homosexual behavior carries with it severe risks of being afflicted with a range of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, anal cancer, Kaporsis Sarcoma and mental disorders leading to disproportionately higher suicide rates and overall shortened life spans. That’s why it’s known as the homosexual ‘deathstyle’.

This universal distinction needs to be made patently clear to any one who would dare utter the asinine statement – “being gay is like being black”. This is especially critical at a time when homosexual organizations and their financiers from the West are engaged in heightened activity for the promotion of homosexual behaviour in Kenya. This can be seen through the staging of a “Kenya Gay and Lesbians Awards Day” on December 15th, 2012 organised by the NGO Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC).

This was followed by a media revelation that the Kenya Institute of Education had stealthily introduced a homosexual inspired set book for Kenyan high school students – The Whale Rider – all the way from New Zealand! Fellow Kenyans, lets stand up against these wicked attempts to legitimize an evidently depraved and dangerous lifestyle to our youths.

For detailed and very useful information on how children develop into homosexuals, click on this link.

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68 Responses to “Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity”

  1. will Says:

    I find each of the 6 points here to be profoundly flawed. Firstly, homosexuality is physical. Current scientific research strongly indicates physical differences in the brain and in the genes of homosexuals. It isn’t visible, but it is just as real as the color of your skin. I also take issue with the idea of living comfortably in the closet. Please review the suicide statistics surrounding gays forced to deny their sexual identities. It’s rather shocking. Denying a fundamental part of who you are is very rarely healthy. Speaking of health, your point about it being unhealthy is also absurd. Homosexuals who take responsible precautions in their sex lives need not be any less healthy than a sexually active heterosexual. So, there you have it. It is not something that they can change(people who ‘become straight’ have not changed their genes, only their behavior), and it is not something they need to change. In fact, it can be deeply damaging to try to change it.

    • Stella Says:

      Im so happy i found at least one normal person here who has a heart. I almost lost my faith in humanity reading all this bullshit on the website. Thank you for that, im serious. Thank you.

  2. sista amina Says:

    Hey Blake,

    Been missing you a whole lot. It’s great to see that you’re still on the KAH front-line of resistance against the pro-homo-sexual offensive. Your articles are encouraging to all of us who are fed up with the promotion of homosexuality, both in the motherland, and in our communities. Yet still by the convictions of our conscience we will remain adamantly opposed even in the face of economic or verbal backlash.

    I encourage you to get a copy of the book, “Homosexuality and the The Effeminisation of African Males” that’s if you haven’t got one already. It is an African warriors must read! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to write an article about it in the future.

    I have something which you may find interesting. Please feel free to contact me by my email address.

    Best of everythng in 2013 and God Bless!

  3. Blake Says:

    @Sista Amina,

    Thanks for visiting and for your support in this profound moral conflict of our times. As you said…we remain adamantly opposed to the lies of the destructive global homosexual movement. I’ll be on the look out for the book you’ve recommended. I’ll also write to you as soon as possible.

    God bless and all the best this year!

  4. Sis.... Says:

    For a straight guy, you are so obsessed with homosexuality like wtf

  5. Blake Says:


    If I’m obsessed then so too are Obama, Cameron and other liberal western leaders – for using their high offices to promote a dangerous sexual behaviour across the world.

    In fact I wish I had more time to focus more on all the homosexual promotion activities taking place across the world. In case you’ve not noticed, the legitimisation and normalisation of homosexuality is the greatest moral conflict of our times.

    What am doing here is contributing my bit to exposing the lies behind the homosexual movement. When the fight surfaces in Kenya through the GALCK and their judicial allies such as Dr Mutunga, Kenyans looking for reliable facts to refute the homo propaganda will find a rich resource in this blog.

  6. revv22 Says:

    Your first falsehood is premising your argument on a misconception that ‘homosexuality is a behaviour’ while failing to accord the same standards to heterosexuality. Perhaps this is out of ignorance and I would urge you to find a proper, unbiased, scientific definition for “sexuality”, once you grasp the concept, you will find it necessary to reassess, edit and most probably retract every post you have made on this blog.

    Honesty, truth and justice are all virtues encouraged by your confessed religion, try applying them before spreading intolerance and hate.

  7. mwengei Says:

    Just a question, I won’t even go on about the research that shows homosexuality is not a choice, or about how being gay is not just about sex same way heterosexuality isn’t about just sex. I won’t talk about your high school level argument and bias but just one question, what a person does, how does that affect you? Does it decrease the supply of oxygen? Does it cause you to pay more taxes? Does it give you or deny you a job? I have met many gay people, good people I wish I was half a man they are. You will talk about religion, am catholic and one of the biggest sins is not going to church on Sunday or failing to go to confession but I don’t see it being decriminalized. You can not force people to follow your moral standards. Respect what other people live with, homophobes like you are responsible for the rising teen suicide because here is a kid who finds himself gay but other people say he is damned to hell. He didn’t chose,who would chose to be part of something that is constantly shunned?

    It’s interesting how people are hypocrites, someone will fornicate which is a equally big sin but doesn’t consider that immoral. You are just proving your naivety, just because you do not understand something it means it should be shunned? Reminds me of the 15th century with hunts. Maybe not we all have evolved!

  8. truthsay3r Says:

    Homosexuality is a term commonly used to reference purely the attractions and this is the most sensible definition:
    – Given that we would still classify a young individual who had not yet had the opportunity to act upon their attractions as heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual.
    – Given that we would still classify a man who was raped by or who prostituted themselves to another man as heterosexual if they were exclusively attracted to women.
    – Earls & David, 1989, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 18(5), 401-419 details heterosexual male prostitution (in case you doubt its existence).
    So your primary mistake is to mischaracterise homosexuality as a behaviour. Would you be gay if you were raped by a member of the same sex?

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      Your idiotic digression doesn’t even deserve a response. Someone who is raped still chooses to not willingly participate in the action, just like you faggots choose to be faggots.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        A person who is raped *still chooses* to not willingly participate… do you know what “choose” means? A person who is homosexually raped is not defined as gay specifically because their desires are not in keeping with such a definition. Do people who are celibate have no sexual orientation?

        Actions are neither necessary, nor sufficient to assign sexual orientation, while (involuntary) attractions are both necessary and sufficient.

        The idea that gay people choose to be gay is ridiculous, as is evident from the numerous fundamentalist Christians who have spent years or decades trying to become heterosexual. yet are still gay… if it were simply a matter of choice, they would just change their minds. Over 30 ex-ex-gays are depicted in the video below:

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:


          “A person who is raped *still chooses* to not willingly participate… do you know what “choose” means?”

          Good God, you dumbass fucking moron. You basically… REPEATED WHAT I SAID, you useless piece of shit for brains. Do YOU know what “choice” means, you brainless faggot? What part of me saying, “…still chooses…” evaded your simplistic mind? By definition, a raped individual CHOOSES to not be a willing participant. And a faggot, with the help of genetic deficiencies, CHOOSES to be a faggot. Do you understand now, you fairy fuck?

          I don’t care what you link to to justify your choice. Everyone tries to justify their decisions, their choices, and their actions, queer.


          • truthsay3r Says:

            All I wished to establish with the rape example is that orientation is not defined by actions. You didn’t address most of my post so I will repeat it.
            Do people who are celibate have no sexual orientation?

            Actions are neither necessary, nor sufficient to assign sexual orientation, while (involuntary) attractions are both necessary and sufficient.

            The idea that gay people choose to be gay is ridiculous, as is evident from the numerous fundamentalist Christians who have spent years or decades trying to become heterosexual. yet are still gay… if it were simply a matter of choice, they would just change their minds. Try again.

  9. truthsay3r Says:

    You claim that homosexuality isn’t an “immutable genetic attribute akin to racial identity or gender.” Plenty of evidence suggests otherwise however and the genetic/agenetic aetiology of an attribute is only incidentally relevant in that it refutes claims that a particular attribute is voluntary.
    Kendler et al. 2000, The American Journal of Psychiatry, 157(11), 1843-1846: “Biometrical twin modeling suggested that sexual orientation was substantially influenced by genetic factors.”
    Mustanski et al. 2002, Annual Review of Sex Research, 13, 89-140: “Genetic research using family and twin methodologies has produced consistent evidence that genes influence sexual orientation”.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      All twins should be faggots if one twin is a faggot. This is not the case, you dick sucking retard. Until your musings by halfway homo faggots like Kendler and Mutanski turn into actual PROOF, then your point is moot. The burden of proof is on you, faggot.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        The burden of proof is indeed on me if I claim a biological basis for sexual orientation, just as it is on you if you make any alternative claim. Your twin claim is just another example of your simplistic thinking. Do you think somebody etches out fingerprints in to us post-natally?

        Jain et al. 2001, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2091, 211-217:
        “We show that a state-of-the-art automatic fingerprint identification system can successfully distinguish identical twins.”

        A. Kong et al. 2005, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3832, 668-674:
        “The experimental results show that we can employ low-resolution palmprint images to distinguish identical twins.”

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          Actually, faggot, if I say “All twins should be faggots, if one twin is a faggot,” and I show you one case of one twin being a faggot, and the other twin not being a faggot, I have rested my case.

          As far as your fingerprints digression, is a fingerprint a mutation? No? Then what is your point? You have fingerprints. I have fingerprints.

          But, you dumb faggot, not everyone has fingerprints… *dun dun dun*

          • truthsay3r Says:

            YOU WROTE: ” is a fingerprint a mutation? No? Then what is your point?”

            Your simplistic mind strikes again I see. Your claim was that: identical twins should be biologically identical, therefore monozygotic twins with discordant sexual orientations prove that sexual orientation isn’t biologically predetermined. I disproved that by giving you an example of biologically/ prenatally determined traits (palmprints and fingerprints), which are discordant between monozygotic twins. Caught up yet?

      • truthsay3r Says:

        Savic & Lindstrom, 2008, PNAS, 105(27), 9403–9408:
        “The present study shows sex-atypical cerebral asymmetry and functional connections in homosexual subjects. The results cannot be primarily ascribed to learned effects, and they suggest a linkage to neurobiological entities.”

        Rice et al. 2012, The Quarterly Review of Biology, 87(4), 343-368:
        “Our model predicts that homosexuality is part of a wider phenomenon in which recently evolved androgen-influenced traits commonly display gonad-trait discordances at substantial frequency, and that the molecular feature underlying most homosexuality is not DNA polymorphism(s), but epi-marks that evolved to canalize sexual dimorphic development that sometimes carryover across generations and contribute to gonad-trait discordances in opposite-sex descendants.”
        As I noted previously, the aetiology of sexual orientation isn’t really that relevant anyhow.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:


          Did you even bother taking the time to read the links you Googled the day before? Do you not understand the difference between proofs and faggot-reasoning? The study from Savic and Lindstrom has been around for a while, and in its opening and conclusion, the authors state they are really only providing musings, not conclusive… ANYTHING.

          My brain is slightly different from another normal person’s brain, and my “cerebral responses” also vary. Likewise, your faggot brain is also slightly different from the brains of other genetically deficient faggots, and so are your minute “cerebral responses.”

          The brain can also be fooled into believing literally anything it wants.

          You have no point, faggot.

          As far as the second study… blah, blah, blah… Epigenetic mutation. The key word is…


          Not everyone is born with fingerprints.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            YOU WROTE: “the authors state they are really only providing musings, not conclusive… ANYTHING.”

            A rather childish way to dismiss evidence that you don’t like. I wasn’t claiming anything conclusive was I? I simply refuted your infantile claim & demonstrated that the evidence indicates the contrary.

            YOU WROTE: “As far as the second study… blah, blah, blah… Epigenetic mutation.”

            You outdid yourself. I didn’t think you could be any more immature. The study doesn’t even use the word “mutation” in its abstract… though I don’t see why it would be relevant if it did. We are all the result of a huge number of mutations.

  10. truthsay3r Says:

    So homosexuality doesn’t appear to be changeable, not only according to all reputable medical organisations but also according to the very people who have spent years trying to change and championing the myth that change is possible.

    John Paulk, “Love Won Out” founder and former chairman of the board of “Exodus International” appeared on “Oprah” and “Good Morning America” in support of ex-gay therapy. He has since issued an apology for his involvement in the ex-gay movement:
    “For the better part of ten years, I was an advocate and spokesman for what’s known as the “ex-gay movement”… I do not believe that reparative therapy changes sexual orientation; in fact, it does great harm to many people.”

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      Your cousins, the child fuckers, say they can’t either.

      Time for their acceptance too, then, eh, faggot?

      • jackson otieno Says:

        A coward who hates behind a mask or a fake name is lower than the not-so-bright, juvenile, elementary school bully who never gets anything in class.
        I will give you one thing though, you are clever enough to prevent everyone from associating your identity with this level of stupidity.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        More foolishness… yes, if something is involuntary & immutable or victimless, we cannot justifiably condemn anybody who exhibits it. When it comes to the chronophilia of paedophilia, it is no more related to the sexual orientation (SO) of homosexuality than to the SO of heterosexuality. You’re operating under the flawed assumption that things require justification by default again here anyhow.

        I pity paedophiles & I dislike and oppose molesters or those who perpetrate sexual assault of any kind on victims of any age. Sexual assault, unlike paedophilia or SOs or the expression of SOs is voluntary &, more importantly, victimises people. This is the key difference.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          A male fucking a dead person, a child, or another man is all the same, you queer fuck.

          The evolutionary purpose of sexual intercourse is to proliferate the population, you simple twat.

          Of course, if you’re a dumb, useless animal, like jackson otieno, yourself, homosexuals, and your necrophiliac, zoophiliac, and pedophiliac brothers and sisters, then, yes: sex serves a different (and moral-less) function for your primal, disease-ridden subspecies and you.

          Picking and choosing admirable degeneracies… You hypocritical faggot.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            More stupidity which has already been addressed. How are necrophilic copulation or child molestation any more comparable to homosexuality than heterosexuality?

            The evolutionary purpose of copulation is the proliferation of genetic material. How is this remotely relevant?

            Address my points or don’t bother responding. So far your replies are simply lists of profanities, repetitions and further exhibitions of stupidity.

  11. truthsay3r Says:

    There is a lengthy litany of scandals and defections involving the ex-gay movement, equivalents of which are simply not found among legitimate forms of medical treatment.
    Examples include:
    – John Evans, who co-founded “Love in Action” in 1973 and renounced change therapy when a friend committed suicide after failing to become heterosexual.
    – Michael Johnston, another famous ex-gay, and the founder of “National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day” and “Americans for Truth”, who was revealed to have had unprotected sex with men he had met on the internet and consequently infected them with HIV in 2003.
    – Former ex-gay Peterson Toscano, who was involved in the movement for 17 years and founded “Beyond Ex-Gay” in 2007, an online community for “ex-gay survivors”.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      I don’t get how this relates to the fifth point. Are you just ejaculating whatever shit you find that supports your degeneracy as a response?

  12. truthsay3r Says:

    Numbers below correspond to the numbers in your table of 6 points.
    1) Your own definition of homosexuality here refutes your point. Your definition has two facets, while you then ignore the former and pretend that only the latter exists.

    2) This point is identical to 1 really as it’s simply the mischaracterisation of homosexuality as a behaviour and insinuation that it is therefore a choice, unlike race. Both of these claims are refuted by me in my previous comments. The mere existence of ex-gay organisations, who’s clientele attend voluntarily, refutes any insinuation that homosexuality is chosen. If it were a matter of choice, ex-gay organisations would simply not exist. LGBT people would just change their mind and wouldn’t need to visit such organisations.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      Awh, I see, your response pattern above was just as confused as the inferior genes that run through your sick being. Let’s get started, faggot.

      1) What? The original author’s point only “facet” is that homosexuality is engaging in fucking something that is the same sex as you.
      2) This is the argument your pedophile brothers, your necrophiliac cousins, and your zoophilia sisters will use when it is time to grant them their “rights” (of love and born that way and all that other bullshit.

      Stupid faggot.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        1) Here is a quote to alleviate you of your stupidity. The original author: “It is defined as “having a desire for someone of the same sex [gender] OR the act of having sex with someone of the same sex [gender].”.

        2) I’ve addressed this fallacious reasoning is multiple other posts which you haven’t read yet. While I have word-space left, I’ll add a view from one of those at the centre of the black civil-rights movement.

        Coretta Scott King, author, activist, prominent civil rights leader and widow of Martin Luther King Jr regarded homophobia to be akin to racism, as explained by her in the video below:

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:


          1) In the context of the author’s argument, that being a faggot has nothing to do with being born black, white, Asian, or Australoid… again, I will ask (but will not expect a reasonable answer) what is your FUCKING point, you ignorant piece of horse shit?

          Even if not acted upon, a desire is not the same as race, you dumbfuck retard.

          2) You mean you have ignored my point on this. You fairy faggot fucktarded piece of useless trash, if your basis for thousands of faggots fucking thousands of other faggots in the ass and spreading your fecal diseases around the world, even to the straight population, is your “right” to “love”ly “free expression,” then where in the fuck do you think you get off to defining someone other’s fucked up “right” to “love”ly “free expression,” you hypocritical scumbag?

          Like all homosexuals, the reality IS, you are also a pedophile, and the “liberation” of children is the next step in your sick plan for “sexual freedom.” Disgusting.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            1) Of course a desire is not the same as race moron, that is why it is an “analogy”. When we use analogies, we don’t compare identical things because then it wouldn’t be an analogy anymore. Go back to school or research what an “analogy” is if that is still over your head.
            My original point was a refutation of the author’s fyi.

            2) Here you just spout simple-minded nonsense again. I’ve already explained how people don’t need to justify anything they do by default… it is for those that condemn (that’s you) to justify it. This is why we have the principle of “innocent until proven guilty”. I’m still waiting for you to meet your burden of proof. Here is just 1 study to correct some of your stupidity.

            D. T. Haplerin, 1999, AIDS Patient Care STDS, 13(12), 717-730:
            “In terms of absolute numbers, approximately seven times more women than homosexual men engage in unprotected receptive anal intercourse.”

  13. truthsay3r Says:

    3) No homosexuals can’t live comfortably in the closet, as this largely precludes the possibility of them ever achieving romantic or sexual fulfilment, especially given the small & invisible portion of the population who they could partner with. Heterosexuals also sometimes try to force people out of the closet by accusing single adults of being homosexual. The invisibility & non-heritability of sexual orientation is a double edged sword.
    – LGBT discrimination is far more accepted within society than racial discrimination.
    – LGBT people can not easily identify each other and so feelings of isolation may be particularly strong.
    – Most people would agree that family and friends are a person’s core, and perhaps entire, support network.
    – LGBT people are likely to suffer from their families expectation of them being heterosexual.
    – LGBT people have to come out to family and friends, before standing any chance of receiving support, risking rejection by the very people who other minorities can always fall back on for support.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      3) Poor queers. 😦 Although your point of lack of sexual fulfillment is a bit unbelievable, considering you faggots have managed to infect the entire world, including significant parts of the heterosexual one, with your incurable disease.
      – How faggots are accepted at all, considering your transfer of your death-inflicting viruses to straights, is beyond my comprehension?
      – Pedophiles can not easily identify each other and so feelings of isolation may be particularly strong. Just think of all the homosexual, pedophile rings that could come into the light and easily operate, if only we were all more accepting of their sickness.
      – Even necrophiliacs need love too, eh, faggot?
      – Zoophiles suffer in the same fashion as well, right, fairy?
      – Poor faggots. 😦 Imagine the emotional stress you queer fucks would have to deal if with if someone in the 1895 could readily identify you as black and decide to lynch you with no negative repercussions?

      Disgusting homo.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        I’ve responded to almost all of your points in previous comments.
        YOU WROTE: “Imagine the emotional stress you queer fucks would have to deal if with if someone in the 1895 could readily identify you as black and decide to lynch you with no negative repercussions?”

        – Somebody who is badly beaten is not as much of a victim as somebody who is beaten to death but they are both still victims of a violent crime.
        – The fact that one was more of a victim does not prevent the other from being a victim and does not mean that punishment of the perpetrator and protection of potential victims is not needed.
        – Claiming that two things are incomparable because they are not identical is fallacious in the extreme.
        – Comparisons between racism and heterosexism are qualitative, not quantitative.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          “I am a faggot, hear my rwar,” is not a response. The links that your insignificant, diseased mind can hardly comprehend are merely THEORETICAL scientific mumbo-jumbo that resort to hazy postulates because it’s socially incorrect to do otherwise.

          “I don’t really know what all this shit means, so I’ll regurgitate this link and hope this guy doesn’t either.”


          Moreover, quit pulling words out of your thesaurus and stick to the point, bitch, which is that claiming someone calling you a “fairy faggot” elicits physical and emotional trauma on par with having organs removed, your family humiliated, tortured, and murdered (among hundreds of other despicable actions all sanctioned by the state and federal governments,) is beyond acceptable limits of absurdity, even for you degenerate subhumans.

  14. truthsay3r Says:

    4) With enough cosmetic surgery race is alterable as it is a culturally invented perception, rather than being a specific genotype. Again you mischaracterise homosexuality as behaviour and so erroneously regard people who pretend to be heterosexual as if they are. A celibate hetero is still a hetero, just as a celibate homo is.

    5) It’s not a behaviour. It’s not inherently any less healthy than heterosexuality (your points on this are addressed by me elsewhere). Medical care is unnatural, as is all technology, while pathogens and natural disasters are natural. Why is naturalness relevant? Your deity’s existence remains to be established so it certainly doesn’t have an “established moral order”.

    6) Homosexuality has no apparent bearing on mental or physical health, though racial minorities do have mental/physical health disparities, just as homosexuals do. I invite you to try to justify and debate any of the points you make about homosexuals here.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      4) You damn idiot. TECHNOLOGY DOES NOT ALTER WHO YOU ARE, you ignorant piece of horse shit. Technology DOES NOT turn someone BLACK into a Mongolian, it DOES NOT turn a MAN into a WOMAN. You degenerate fucking retards are obsessed with technology, because you believe it to be the cure-all for your biological deficiencies.

      It’s not.

      It never will be. For every action, there is a reaction. For EVERY human action, there is a reaction. For EVERY human action, there is a NEGATIVE reaction.

      As human technological intervention eases the burden of living, the NEGATIVE reaction comes about through the pollution of the environment and the destruction of the planet’s ecosystem.

      LIKEWISE, and listen very closely, you genetically deficient, piece of useless dog shit, faggot…

      Just as human technological intervention pollutes the environment and destroys the ecoystem, THE SAME (HAS BEEN OCCURING) WILL OCCUR in our meddling with the HUMAN environment and ecosystem.

      This scenario has already become transparent, and will continue to worsen, the more you degenerate, amorous dipshits continue spread and force your sick and twisted lifestyle upon the world. How so, you, faggot, may wonder?

      The Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. When this virus began to spread in the faggot community, a true leader, one who came before this absurd manifestation of political correctness, and “compassion,” and “rights,” would have rounded up any male with the disease and EVERY person they stuck their filthy penis is and burned them to death.

      Now, because of political correctness, “compassion,” “love,” “humanity,” and all the other bullshit terminology you degenerate fucktards use to justify your sickness, your inability to control your animalistic desires has led to the current infection of over THIRTY-FIVE MILLION people worldwide and the DEATH of over THIRTY-SIX MILLION more.

      You expect compassion from me, faggot?

      Fuck you.

      5) Everything is a learned behavior, faggot, except… having various shades of skin color. That is natural, unlike, believing that you came out of your mother’s womb wanting a man to stick his penis down your throat.

      6) First of all, you homosexuals suffer from mental health issues at astronomic rates, just as your zoophile, necrophile, and pedophile brethen do. Secondly, in the United States, racial minorities, despite facing GENUINE discrimination, REAL segregation, and ACTUAL violence for centuries longer than faggots, have MUCH fewer mental issues than the racial majority. This is a unequivocal fact, and that you would state otherwise further proves you’re a stupid idiot who doesn’t know what he/she/it (if you’re a transfag) is talking about, and is merely making dumb shit up to justify the hundreds of MSM faggots you’ve fucked in the past few months.

      Go die, you in-denial queer.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        Lots of waffle which I’ve already addressed up until point 6. I’ll correct you on that too.

        Chou et al. 2011, Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology, 18(1). 74-81:
        “The results suggest that the perception of racial discrimination is associated with psychopathology in the three most common U.S. minority groups.”

        As mentioned previously, racial minorities have their families love, acceptance & shared traits to reinforce their resilience against minority stress-mediated psychopathy.
        Grant et al. Clinical Psychology Review, 26(3), 257-283:
        “There is substantial evidence for the mediating role of family relationship in the relation between stressors and child and adolescent psychological symptoms”

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          Look, fairy faggot, you were born genetically deficient, and you can’t bear to accept that.

          Your life is useless.
          You are a useless piece of shit.
          You serve no purpose existing in the world.
          You are fucking reprehensible, and your genes are polluted.

          You don’t want to believe that all the above is, true, because, this is the only chance you get at life, and yours is fucked and you can do little to change it. Knowing this, you lead yourself round-about this silly circles and these dead-end paths, trying, somehow, to convince yourself that you are not genetic feces.

          Unfortunately, you are genetic feces. You would be better off dead and burned, along with the rest of your kind, the pedophiles, the zoophiles, and the necrophiles.

          Stop running around in these pointless circles, stop looking for justifications that just aren’t there.

          The reason faggots display such overwhelming rates of mental illnesses and other forms of retardation, is because the core of your existence is a flaw in nature. The reason racial minorities, like early Africans in America, who (contrasting the link you never read, just found convenient to waste my time with,) were often ripped away from their families, don’t, is simply because being black, Asian, white, or Australoid is not a flaw within nature.

          No mumbo-jumbo “Bu…butt…buttttt…” necessary.

          Many blacks never knew their families, never had a mother, a father, never have brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, or aunts. And yet, mental health rates are nowhere near the rates of faggots (and pedoqueers, necrofags, and zoofags.) Race is normal, you are not.

          No bullshit necessary.

          You are a subhuman, faggot, the result of minute mutations that are triggered when your pedophile uncle sticks his diseased, homosexual penis in your ass, or other unfortunately similar experiences occur to potential faggots who are still young.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            Yet more puerile drivel… I’ve already tried to explain to you that purpose is effectively a figment of our imagination, though you were evidently too unintelligent to grasp that… so the idea that I am in denial about my lack of purpose is absurd.

            YOU WROTE: “faggots display such overwhelming rates of mental illnesses and other forms of retardation, is because the core of your existence is a flaw in nature”

            The notion of a “flaw” cannot be objectively ascribed to nature because “flaws” are simply identified by us according to subjectively established criteria. You are yet to explain the consistently applicable rationale via which you identify such flaws and/or how this rationale is relevant to morality. If you don’t consider it to be so then your condemnation itself is of course irrelevant. I’ve already refuted you on mental illnesses by quoting numerous studies that link them to minority stress. Try again.

            YOU WROTE: “Race is normal, you are not.”

            The abnormally intelligent, kind or athletic aren’t normal, simplistic one.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          By the way, you fairy faggot, don’t ignore the fact that your uncontrollable homo desire to fuck over a thousand of men in the ass a year has assisted in the proliferation of HIV and other faggot-only diseases, throughout the world’s straight population.

          I don’t think there’s anything else that makes me more pissed off than this FACT, that you sick, disease-ridden, mentally ill, primitive subhumans have not only given the world your disease, but you also use political correctness to eliminate the evidence and proof otherwise, even to the point of claiming our assistance in spreading it.

          You arrogant faggots. If only your sickness were entirely genetic, so it could evolve to eradicate you sex-obsessed leeches.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            YOU WROTE: “don’t ignore the fact that your uncontrollable homo desire to fuck over a thousand of men in the ass a year has assisted in the proliferation of HIV and other faggot-only diseases”

            More immature stupidity…
            Bruce Voeller, 1991, Archives of Sexual Behavior, 20(3), 233-276:
            “Considerably more heterosexuals engage in the act than do homosexual and bisexual men, not all of whom participate in anal coitus.”

            Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS, Fact Sheet 1 July 1996, Page 2:
            “Heterosexual (male-female) intercourse accounts for more than 70% of all adult HIV infections to date and homosexual (male-male) intercourse for a further 5-10%.”

            Morons like you exacerbate HIV transmission rates.
            UNAIDS, HIV – Related Stigma, Discrimination and Human Rights Violations:
            “From the start of the AIDS epidemic, stigma and discrimination have fuelled the transmission of HIV and have greatly increased the negative impact associated with the epidemic.”

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          “With enough cosmetic surgery race is alterable as it is a culturally invented perception,” – stupidshitsay3r

          You are truly a fucking moron. If you don’t already have HIV, I hope you acquire it very soon, you sick, stupid fuck.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        Jackson et al. 2004, International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, 13(4), 196-207:
        “Several studies indicate that racial discrimination adversely affects the emotional wellbeing and physical health of African-Americans and other ethnic groups (Harrell, Merritt and Kalu, 1998; Clark, Anderson, Clark and Williams, 1999; Krieger, 1999; Williams and Williams-Morris, 2000; Williams, Neighbors and Jackson, 2003).”

        LGBT mental health disparities are well documented as arising from heterosexism/ minority stress, enacted by people such as yourself. This makes you both incorrect to insinuate that homosexuality causes it & a hypocrite for criticising LGBT people for it. Here is one study on it & I can cite/quote over 15 more.

        Vanden Berghe et al. 2010, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 40(1), 153–166:
        “LGB-specific unsupportive social interactions have the greatest direct effect on mental well-being of LGB youth, followed respectively by stigma consciousness, internalized homonegativity, and confidant support”.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          Hey look, I can vomit links from Google too.


          “LGBT mental health disparities are well documented as arising from heterosexism/ minority stress, enacted by people such as yourself.”

          Then maybe if you weren’t such a bigot towards them, faggot pedophiles and their victims wouldn’t have to struggle with their astronomical rates of mental health issues either, huh, you silly fairy fuck faggot?

          Is there an eye rolling emoticon?

          You sick fuck.

          • CommonSense Says:

            There’s a difference between pedophilia and homosexuality, u moron! Whether u seduce a little boy or a little girl, the crime is the same (pedo derrives from the greek term pedi meaning child).

            U r so stupid that u need to use pedophilia to blame even people that form adult relationships as well. Get the facts straight, u piece of shit! Straight pervs molest little girls too, but i haven’t see u worrying about them.

            How 2 adult males or females forming a relationship has anything to do with pedophilia per se when both loath and condemn them as well. NAMBLA is a pedophile organisation, not a gay one.

            There are organisations like APF that are just for straight pedophiles, but i haven’t seen any of u taking the blame for that, u hypocrites.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            I didn’t vomit links childish one. I quoted specific claims from peer-reviewed studies which supported my point.

            Your link isn’t to a scientific journal and if you consider it relevant, quote and cite a study.

            YOU WROTE: “Then maybe if you weren’t such a bigot towards them, faggot pedophiles and their victims wouldn’t have to struggle with their astronomical rates of mental health issues either”

            I’m not aware of any statistics on paedophile mental health disparities, though I expect they do suffer from minority stress like all stigmatised minorities. I’m not a bigot towards them however… you’re the only bigot here.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          Does having AIDs like so many of you fairy cock suckers do, affect your ability to read, you queer faggot?

          I wish for the death of ALL you homosexuals, just as I wish for the deaths of your pedophile siblings.

          And how you distort the meaning of the word “relationship,” as if the ability to stick your penis into whatever circular repository you like legitimizes your lecherous tendencies.

          Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, eat, sleep. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

          That’s all you filthy, disease-ridden animals are able to think about.

      • truthsay3r Says:

        Your point about racial minorities facing centuries of discrimination is entirely irrelevant. Members of racial minorities alive today don’t share the stressors of their ancestors. Racism is & has for at least a few decades been heavily stigmatised in the U.S., while the same is only just starting to become a reality for heterosexism.

        Here is another study to highlight the pivotal role that family acceptance or rejection can play in protecting against or exacerbating LGBT health disparities.

        Ryan et al. 2009, Pediatrics, 123(1), 346 -352:
        “Lesbian, gay, and bisexual young adults who reported higher levels of family rejection during adolescence were 8.4 times more likely to report having attempted suicide, 5.9 times more likely to report high levels of depression, 3.4 times more likely to use illegal drugs, and 3.4 times more likely to report having engaged in unprotected sexual intercourse compared with peers (other LGBT people) from families that reported no or low levels of family rejection.”

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          Faggots have mental health issues because being homosexual is one part of being mentally ill. Just like your similarly conditioned pedophile, zoophile, and necrophile brothers are degenerate, mentally confused, sick fucks.

          One group of racial minorities was forcefully divorced from their homeland, traveled in squalid conditions for months, from there sold away from the one or two family members they knew (if said people even survived the transport,) and then forced to work through federal-sanctioned torture, rape, maiming, and death, for a little over two centuries, before having to endure about a hundred more years of state-permitted physical and mental abuse.

          And still have much lower rates of mental health problems than the majority race…

          …or faggots.

          • CommonSense Says:

            Pedophiles abuse children. There is no consent here.
            Zoophiles abuse animals. Same here.
            Necrophiles abuse corpses. Same here and is just for sex. Whether the corpse is male or female, it is wrong and disrespectful.
            Homosexuality on the other hand is not just about sex, same way heterosexuality isn’t just for sex or procreation. Homosexuals form lifelong relationships with adult homosexuals.
            After 1973 and thorough research, homosexuality proved to be not a mental illness. Every medical organisation knows that. Homosexuals do not transition themselves in a state of confusion, neither they become dangerous for anybody including themselves. These 2 key points differentiate them from mental ill people.
            If u call gays faggots and lesbians dykes demeaning and threatening their lifes, u shouldn’t be surprised they are more prone to mental problems or depression. They don’t hurt anyone, u sick fuck, so leave them alone. If u just consider them disgusting, just let them be. It has nothing to do with u or any straight person.
            Although your behaviour indicates that u r a closeted little sissy bitch angered to those who had the balls to live the life u r so scared to live yourself, therefore u want them to join your misery. They have the guts to live as they wish with their SAME SEX, ADULT, ALIVE PARTNER, The fact that they choose even to endure they hate they collect from the kinds of yours makes those faggots being more men than petty u.
            So, suck it up, u uneducated misinformed piece of shit.

          • truthsay3r Says:

            Yet all reputable mental health organisations disagree with you that homosexuality is a mental health issue.

            YOU WROTE: “And still have much lower rates of mental health problems than the majority race…”

            Simply a lie, which I have already refuted in the other comments, much like the rest of your comment here. How would the experiences of the long-dead ancestors of African Americans impact upon their descendants mental health?

            Here’s a couple more studies as you were apparently unable to understand all the previous ones.

            Mays et al. 2001, American Journal of Public Health, 91(11), 1869-1876:
            “Perceived discrimination was positively associated with both harmful effects on quality of life and indicators of psychiatric morbidity in the total sample”.

            Poteat et al. 2007, The Journal of Early Adolescence, 27(2), 175-191:
            “Homophobic victimization significantly predicted increased anxiety and depression, personal distress, and lower sense of school belonging in males and higher levels of withdrawal in females”.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:


          You sick, hypocritical flaming fucking faggot. You don’t get to make a rule and then toss it out when it’s convenient for you, you queerbag, ass fucking piece of genetic shit.

          If fucking is your ultimate goal in life, then you should be ok with anyone fucking whatever they want, you sick, retarded AIDs-carrying shithead.

          Thus. You cannot deny your pedophile uncle to fuck a boy, your zoophile sister to be fucked by a horse, or your necrophile lover to fuck you after you die (from AIDs.)

          I rue when the day comes that you faggots, unsatisfied with your uncontrollable, primal sexual desires to spread HIV/AIDs throughout the world, guilt trip us normal people for being grossly unreceptive to your plans to continue your pathological activities even after your (disease-receptacle) partner has died from them.

          “Before his passing (from AIDs,) my partner wanted, and I agreed, to continue the ‘consummation’ of our ‘love’ even after he is gone. Who are you to tell me I can’t fulfill his wishes… we both CONSENTED!”


          Even more revolting will be the subsequent Hollywood film that glorifies your sick-minded faggot bullshit on the basis of “pure love.”

          The sooner you subhuman animals, all of you, including you pedophile, zoophile, and necrophile brethen, are rid from this planet, the better.

          Look, faggot, as I told the previous faggot, cocksuck3r, I realize that the revelation that you are not normal, that are you not normal, must be very difficult to bear. But you must accept it. No other discriminated minority suffers, or HAS EVER SUFFERED, even close to the same level of mental health issues that queerbags have, because being a faggot IS being mentally ill.

          Furthermore, if the sole reason why faggots have so many fucked up mental issues, the reason why faggots kill themselves at such a high rate, is because of criticism and scrutiny, then… you hypocritical, piece of dog shit, cock sucking flaming homosexual faggot… IT STANDS TO REASON THAT IF YOU WOULD “ACCEPT” PEDOPHILES AND CHILDREN IN ADULT-CHILD RELATIONSHIPS, THEY TOO WOULD NOT “SUFFER” FROM THE EMOTIONAL TRAUMA THAT YOU ARE “INFLICTING” ON THEM.

          Your whiny, bitchy BULLSHIT goes both ways you faggot. If the mental state of so many queers is the result of being treated differently, then so to is the mental state of a “victim” (omgomgomgdiscriminatorywordzzz) of a pedophile.

          Please die.
          Quickly, you useless faggot.

          • truthsay3r Says:


            That’s an entirely separate debate, though it appears unlikely that a prepubescent can engage in what seem to be inherently post-pubescent relationships, governed by post-pubescently developed (or at least substantially heightened) feelings. I could ask you the same question anyhow.

            YOU WROTE: “If fucking is your ultimate goal in life”

            It isn’t. Unsubstantiated assertions that it is have come entirely from you, despite me presenting evidence to the contrary from a nationally representative peer-reviewed study. I have below the mean number of lifetime sexual partners for the general population in fact. It is ironic that you chastise homosexuals for topics which only you out of the two of us bring up.

            Your repeated, excessive use of profanity is making me think that you may actually be mentally ill… I mean that quite honestly, rather than simply as a jibe btw. I hope this is something you’ve considered.
            Likewise, though I usually always avoid making these claims, and don’t by an means assert that they are definitely true… but simply consider them more probably applicable to fanatics such as yourself; I wouldn’t be surprised if you were either molested by a member of the same-sex as a child or are slightly bisexual. Again, I don’t make these points simply as cheap shots or to silence criticism… but the level of anger in your posts strongly suggests that you have some significant personal experience or relation to the topic at hand. I may be entirely incorrect but if it is either or both of those possibilities then I advise you to be mindful that your personal traumas are not a sound basis from which to draw accurate conclusions about an entire group of people.

            YOU WROTE: “I realize that the revelation that you are not normal, must be very difficult to bear.”

            On the contrary, I am quite happy to be abnormally intelligent, considerate and healthy. Why would abnormality be troubling?

            YOU WROTE: “No other discriminated minority suffers, or HAS EVER SUFFERED, even close to the same level of mental health issues that queerbags have, because being a faggot IS being mentally ill.”

            I’ve no idea what the relative prevalences are but you are certainly incorrect here in a number of ways. As I’ve already demonstrated with a study, family-relationships have a strong mediating effect on mental health of children…. I.E. a child from a black or Jewish family will always have their parents love and support against racism or antisemitism as well as a role-model who exhibits the characteristic which they are condemned for throughout their life (in historic antisemitic or racist cultures). The opposite is true of homosexual kids.

            Grant et al. Clinical Psychology Review, 26(3), 257-283:
            “There is substantial evidence for the mediating role of family relationship in the relation between stressors and child and adolescent psychological symptoms”.

            The American Psychological Association:
            “The American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Counseling Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American School Counselor Association, the National Association of School Psychologists, and the National Association of Social Workers, together representing more than 480,000 mental health professionals, have all taken the position that homosexuality is not a mental disorder”.


            Incorrect and again an entirely separate debate topic. Refraining from stigmatising paedophiles does not = enabling or encouraging them to molest. Paedophilia is amoral, just like heterosexuality… molestation, like any sexual assault, irrespective of the victim’s age, is immoral. You foolishly assume that I stigmatise paedophiles. I don’t. Stigmatisation is primitive, emotional condemnation, enacted through social pressure. A tool for a primitive species. I make rational condemnations and so have no personal need for emotional manipulations.

            YOU WROTE: “If the mental state of so many queers is the result of being treated differently, then so to is the mental state of a “victim””.

            Victimhood may well *to some extent* be a form of self-fulfilling prophecy, though it would be silly to suggest that victims of assaults, sexual or otherwise were not victims, independently of other’s perceptions of them. Being maliciously assaulted in a manner which subverts your will is inherently victimising.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          “…that you are not normal, that you are not special…”

  15. truthsay3r Says:

    While I’ve never heard of the “Kenya Gay and Lesbians Awards Day”, it is likely simply an attempt to draw attention to LGBT people who are actively contributing in a positive way to Kenyan society and therefore erode inaccurate, negative stereotypes of LGBT people and/or to honour those who advance LGBT equality. The Music Of Black Origin (MOBOs), Black Music Awards (BMAs) and the Afro Hair and Beauty show would be racially-based examples.

    Regarding the The Whale Rider, just on the basis of the article which you provided, it appears that the concern about it is predominantly that its author is gay. It may hint at the existence of same-sex relationships, which is unclear, though the idea that merely notifying high school students of the existence of homosexuality will somehow corrupt them seems absurd.

    • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

      First high school students, then middle school brats, then you’ll be trying to convince us you “need” to stick your penis into elementary school kids… that’s your ultimate goal, faggot.

      • CommonSense Says:

        Don’t u know the difference between a homosexual and a pedophile, u retard? Do u consider a man that sexually abuses little girls, to be all good and innocent? Do u have the decency to understand that straights, gays and lesbians have the same odds to be pedophiles. No-one knows thanks to homophobia, how many people are gay (therefore neither what percentage of them is a pedo). I will not respond to u ever again. Someone with one-digit IQ like u, shouldn’t make me waste my time on teaching him common sence. I can assume from your arguments that u were the product of an incestuous relationship. Go die, u petty excuse of a human being.

        • Please Die, You Idiots Says:

          A new cock sucking queerbag has emerged.

          I consider any piece of shit that defines themselves by what they stick their (real or strap-on) penis into, too subhuman to differentiate between. The minds of faggots and pedophiles are so obsessed with sex they will stick their cock into anything they can think of, like filthy animals, then claim they are no different from a normal human being. Haaaaaaa!

          Homosexuals are the same as pedophiles, the same as necrophiles, and the same as zoophiles…

          …sex-obsessed genetic FECES that would naturally be culled from the general population, if not for this inane “humanity” bullshit.

          If I was the product of an incestuous relationship, what does that make YOU, who was MOLESTED by your father as a child and now believes spreading your faggot diseases to the world is a wholesome thing? I, eventually, will die, but not before you do, you AIDs-ridden, flaming faggot.

          • CommonSense Says:

            Every single line proves (and shows) how uneducated, biased, ignorant, arrogant and stupid u r.

            Point 1: Homosexuals just like heterosexuals are not obsessed with sex. Being promiscuous is irrelevant to sexual orientation.

            Point 2: There is no analogy in sex between consenting adults (or lifelong same sex unions) and sexual abuse of children, animals, corpses or whatever. Stop being so obsessed about sex! Homosexuality unlike the cases u made, isn’t just about sex, it is mostly about companionship and love.

            Point 3: U say u see no difference between consenting adults who commit in mutually benefitial relationships and people who abuse either children, animals or corpses and have no intention of loving relationships. U prove my point of how stupid u r, not realizing there are more besides sex in a same sex relationship. A pedophile is not attracted to a specific gender but to extreme youth which places him in a position of power against his underage victim. This isn’t mutual nor consenting. A zoophile cannot gain consent from an animal (if a child cannot give consent, the same is certain for an animal). Therefore this isn’t about anything more than sex either. Neither a corpse is able to consent (let alone the relationship).

            Point 4: It’s none of your business where other people put their dicks as long as they don’t shove it into children, animals, corpses or not consenting human beings. U have to draw the line between that and a same sex couple of adults that do as they both wish in their own privacy.

            Point 5: There are hundreds of millions of gays and lesbians out there, the majority of whom were not sexually abused ever. It’s impressing how u still think that fairytale that homosexuality is caused by being sexually abused at a young age (which has been disproved to be the case for the overwhelming majority of homosexuals).

            Point 6: I may not be gay, but i loathe people like you who 1)confuse attraction to children with attraction to the same sex, 2) think they have any right upon people commiting in consenting adult relationships, 3) ignore the fact that hiv is a matter of sexual promiscuity without using prophylactics and not a matter of sexual orientation or the gender of the participant and 4) think falsely that being hiv-positive means that you want to spread it and therefore you should be condemned

            The level of your stupidity is outstanding. Even Blake seems more rational compared to u, cause regardless of his homophobic goals, he tries not to make things up like you do, doesn’t express the amount of irrational hate u do and he uses biased ancient studies that don’t say the kind of lies u say.

          • CommonSense Says:

            Correction to my previous paragraph: actually Blake is not rational or even inteligent at all, as his efforts not to make things up totally fail. Also, he is more about the falsy “therapy” than the brutal execution of gays and lesbians, which makes him mildly better than u, but still a pathetic liar. Just to make it clear, u r both contemptible beasts. Blake is a dog and u are a wolf.

  16. Gay forever Says:

    Who ever wrote these articles is a complete illiterate moron.

  17. Obama’s homosexual advocacy rebuffed by Kenya | Kenyans Against Homosexuality Says:

    […] For a comprehensive rebuttal of this homosexual disinformation strategy that insultingly places their perversion on the same level as race, please check out an earlier post: Obama’s degradation of Black people: Comparing homosexuality with racial identity […]

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