Let Obama take his gay agenda elsewhere

Two black men in the USA getting "married". Nothing could delight President Obama more than seeing these kinds of bizarre "weddings" take place across the world, especially in Africa.

Two black men in the USA getting “married”. Nothing else could make US President Obama more happier than seeing these kinds of bizarre “weddings” take place across the world, especially in his fatherland Africa.

I was absolutely delighted to read a riveting article in yesterday’s Daily Nation going by the same title from Editor Dorothy Kweyu, eloquently rejecting Obama’s obnoxious push for so-called homosexual “rights” during his recent African tour of Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania. Obama’s gay advocacy-in-chief role was boosted by the recent shameful capitulation of the United States Supreme Court to the homosexual agenda. The court threw out the 1996 Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) on the 26th June, 2013 and subsequently endorsed same-sex marriages across America, to Obama’s delight.

I was gratified to note that African leaders led by Senegal’s President Macky Sall were quick to reject and trash Obama’s absurd campaign for the celebration of sexual perversions in Africa. However, there was a loud silence from South Africa, the only country in Africa whose parliament (against majority voters wishes) introduced same-sex marriages in 2006. But I digress.

I’ve not hesitated in the past to blast the Nation Media Group (NMG) for their underhand campaigns for the normalisation of homosexuality in Kenya, but I have to admit that Kweyu’s article has strongly challenged this notion. It now seems that NMG has not officially adopted a supportive media policy for the legitimisation of homosexual causes as their liberal western counterparts have done. But I could be wrong.

In the meantime, the homosexual death-style advocacy role at the NMG can safely be said to be championed by a few writers such as Makau Mutua (State University of New York Law Professor), Muthoni Wanyeki (Kenya Human Rights Commission) and Sunday Nation columnist Dr. Lukoye Atwoli.

I now take the liberty of reproducing in full Kweyu’s wonderful and courageous article.


Someone tell US President Barack Obama that the continent has more pressing issues to tackle than his fixation with gay and lesbian rights.

Someone also tell the same to human rights activist Ken Wafula who jumped to Mr Obama’s defence when Jubilee lawmakers criticised his pro-gay stance.

At a time when we are under siege from ongoing and planned labour strikes arising from campaign errors of a bygone era, the least President Obama should have done — even from the safety of Tanzanian borders — is to advise the powers-that-be to handle the teachers’ strike issue with the wisdom and the urgency it deserves.

Our children — and grandchildren — deserve to be in school, and the ongoing strike can only be detrimental to their overall welfare.

That is why I find it in extremely bad taste for Mr Obama to attempt to divert our attention to a personal lifestyle issue when more weighty issues are facing Kenya — simply the most unequal society in my view.

But that is for another day. For now, let me take the gay and lesbian bull by the horns

Like most politicians, President Obama knows which side his bread is buttered upon, and having been overwhelmingly voted back into office by minorities, including immigrants, gays and lesbians, he has no option but to sing their tune.

That is loyalty, and it is in order, as long as he does not make it a gospel to be preached to the rest of humanity.

The truth about the gay and lesbian ethos is that is it an anarchic lifestyle that goes against our basic humanity.

Notwithstanding advances in biotechnology, whereby we are being told that we are headed for a brave new world in which it will be possible to create human beings through cloning, it is a biological fact that only heterosexual unions can sustain life as we know it.

The union of the sperm and the ovum in heterosexual congress is the basis of society, and giving homosexuality free rein is akin to kissing goodbye to humanity.

I hear gays and lesbians yelling back at me that they should be allowed to adopt and raise children like any other citizens.

They have argued, ad nauseam, that they are genetically wired to homosexuality when clinical psychologists have proved beyond doubt that the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is learned behaviour that has absolutely nothing to do with our genetic make-up.

In Kenya, the Constitution protects individuals against all forms of discrimination including on the basis of sexual orientation. But the same law only recognises marriage as a union of two consenting adults, male and female.

Whereas gays and lesbians are entitled to their inherent dignity as human beings, this should never be construed to mean that they have a cause to convert the world to a cul-de-sac lifestyle that negates the fundamentals of human survival.

The US Government’s massive funding of gays and lesbians is an affront to African culture, which, notwithstanding the nihilistic modernistic tendencies that are tearing it apart, is essentially pro-life and pro-family.

Let President Obama keep his gay agenda within the US as we have enough pressing issues to deal with.

You can read the original article here.

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7 Responses to “Let Obama take his gay agenda elsewhere”

  1. Reuven Goldstein Says:

    Thank you for writing this up (and a response to the quoted material)

    Allow me to disagree:
    1. Obama did not mention same-sex marriage once, nor did he even bring up the subject of relationship recognition or adoption. He was very clear that his desire was to decriminalize/legalize homosexuality, something that all civilized nations have done.
    2. I’m sorry to hear the issues Kenya is going through but a simple law does not burden the Kenyan people in any way. It won’t change the society’s view on the matter.
    3. As an Anarchist myself, I was a tad bit confused with homosexuality being called an anarchic lifestyle? They want the government to change the society and believe their campaigns will lead to not only tolerance but acceptance.
    4. While it’s true we can’t produce children from two men or two women yet, we do however now have three-person IVF, which will enable lesbian couples to have children who are both biologically theirs, in other words two biological mothers. Clearly they should (and their children should) have protection under the law.
    5. “kissing humanity goodbye”. This argument is something I’ve seen a lot in African dialogues on the subject. What part of homosexuality is extremely rare (3%) do these people not understand? There’s no threat to humanity’s continued existence from homosexuality. There never was and there never will be.
    6. “is a learned behavior”… perhaps that was the view of Psychologists in the 1970’s, but there is now a consensus against that view. A simple google search will prove that. You can no more learn homosexuality than you can learn color blindness.

  2. amy Says:

    I found this audio clip today on gays versus polygamous relationships… its actually kind of humors yet offensive. I’m not sure how much it relates but I figured someone here would enjoy it.

  3. Michael Says:

    Wow, what a hateful blog! I can’t imagine why anyone would dedicate so much time to persecuting gay people. Why would you want to discriminate against someone who was born gay?

    The truth is that, speaking as a gay Kenyan, there is no gay ‘agenda’. That is just something that crazy people make up. The reason Obama and so many leaders (politicians, pastors, generals and CEOs) in advanced countries have embraced gay people it that we are as normal as you and we have something valuable to contribute to a diverse and tolerant society!

    The key to changing attitudes in Kenya is through ordinary gay people like myself showing how normal we are. One conversation at a time. It will take time, but the whole world is moving in the right direction. (Note:16 of the G20 countries have laws to protect gay people from discrimination!).

    And love will always conquer hate!

  4. kenyanphil Says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha You are hilarious!

  5. merccy love Says:

    We as Africans can not let the Western world dictate to us how to lead our lives,The Colonial days are long gone,we have a tradition and a generation to protect.Suppose half of Kenyans become gay?Where would we get the future generation?I have lived in America and I have seen that they don’t give a foot about anybody,its a self centered society,they don’t care what happens tommorow,most of them don’t fear God but African countries,we are shaped and guided by the holy words of God,we better stick to that before we see the demise of what we care for.

    • CommonSense Says:

      “We as Africans can not let the Western world dictate to us how to lead our lives,The Colonial days are long gone,we have a tradition and a generation to protect.”
      -Neither u can dictate on how homosexuals (not pedophiles) should lead their lives, yet u do. I couldn’t care less if u are African, American, Pakistani, or whatever. No matter the nation or the origin, people are people and, as human beings, they should be treated with respect equally. Your tradition (as u name it) of treating homosexuals like they are criminals or perverts, is as good as the tradition of slavery or the condemnation of interracial marriage (all full of crap) and it threats the unity of every generation.

      “Suppose half of Kenyans become gay? Where would we get the future generation?”
      -That’s an irrational argument, as homosexuals have always been (and always will be) a minority percentage. There is simply no chance that the approval or disapproval of homosexuals will regulate the percentage of homosexuals among any nation. Au contraire, the approval will contribute to the harmonic coexistence of straight and gay people.
      The concept that homosexuality should be condemned because every single Kenyan must contribute to the continuing of the next generations, is highly hypocritical. People should be more considerate of the current generations, than of people that have not been born.

      “I have lived in America and I have seen that they don’t give a foot about anybody, its a self centered society, they don’t care what happens tomorrow, most of them don’t fear God but African countries, we are shaped and guided by the holy words of God,we better stick to that before we see the demise of what we care for.”
      -U don’t know a damn thing about the American society, if that’s what u think, neither u will ever be in a position to judge the western world. If god really exists (which I doubt u can prove it), there is no chance that He would condemn homosexuals for leading happy lives without hurting anyone. Also, when u use as an argument or excuse of your homophobia the Bible (which is full of bullshit) or any religion, u prove u have no tangible arguments against homosexuality.
      I don’t need the Bible to tell me that murder is a crime, cause I know it. I certainly don’t need the Bible to tell me that I should be put to death for working on the Sabbath, or that I should stone my brother for planting different crops side by side, or that I should burn alive my mother for wearing garments made of 2 different threads, or that it Is ok to rape my widowed sister in-law for having no male offspring, or that polygamy, slavery, marrying your sister (like Abraham did), human sacrifice and child abuse are all sanctioned by god, but eating shellfish or pork, getting remarried after getting divorced , having tattoos, rounded haircuts et cetera are sins.

      Matthew 19:29 If you really loved Jesus then he insists that you abandon your wife and children for him. Only that way will he allow you to go to heaven.
      Mark 7:9 Jesus criticizes the Jews for not killing their disobedient children according to Old Testament law.

      There you have a taste of your “holy words”. Then again, how is that a rational excuse for the condemnation of homosexuals???
      U have to provide something more than just verses from the bible that sanctions and rejects many irrational things. If no one gets harmed by homosexuality, I guess u shouldn’t make such a big deal out of it.

    • CommonSense Says:

      Additionally, whereas I understand and I am able to prove that things like murder, any kind of abuse, stealing, discriminating, swearing etc. are indeed bad (evil maybe), on the other hand the amount of hate parts of society have for people that engage in same sex relationships is not just irrational, but also groundless and harmful. And I don’t need some flawed, obsolete, controversial book (aka Bible) to substantiate these points.

      In the western (developed) world we have laws that serve justice, equality, fairness, well-being, respect and many other important values that grant every right any person deserves as a human being. Those laws are above any kind of religion.

      In that sense, u are obligated to rationalize the mistreating and condemnation of homosexuality. Too bad for u, that so far every single argument against homosexuality in every article in this entire website is at the very least false, absurd or misinformed. Homosexuality pose no threat or harm at all for anybody. Period.

      Unlike u who serve the scripts of the Bible out of weak mind [cause religion is not just the sigh of the oppressed creature, but also the most humble (low) interpretation of world’s mysteries] and because you are rather afraid of God than loving Him, on the other hand I live in kindness, believing that if there’s god, then he sort of lives within our souls, filling them with love and innocence. He may possibly not exist but I choose to believe otherwise. That being said, my faith is pure because it is based on belief, not some conviction that those scripts are true. If u want to talk about truths, use science, not Bible fairytales.

      It’s not surprising that the most religious countries are also the most underdeveloped and decadent, even in terms of morality, whereas exactly the opposite applies to the other countries. The predominant religions around the world have been the source and the cause of numerous evil deeds (from great, deadly wars to severe cruel punishments for “immoralities” like pre-marital sex and interracial relationships). Seriously, I could be talking hours about the negative outcomes of religion per se, which is why I know how ignorant and false is your conviction of superiority against the western world. Your leaders have talked u into “have faith and doubt not”, that science is evil exposing different facts etc. . That’s your level of understanding. May God talk some senses to u.

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