Welcome to the first Kenyan non-religious site dedicated to mobilising people against the repulsive, destructive and depraved homosexual lifestyles advocated by emerging gay lobbies in the country. I’m calling out to Kenyans of all faiths and political persuasions, to unite and reject these perverts and their activities.

Mr Blake, the site owner and a bona fide Black Kenyan,
can be reached through: Kenyansagainstgays@gmail.com

5 Responses to “About”

  1. Jonathan O'Toole Says:

    I’d like very much to interview you when I’m in Kenya. Please contact me 1-816-739-9318 otoolejw@yahoo.com

    Jonathan O’Toole

  2. truthsay3r Says:

    I’m happy to debate you on any topic that I’ve so far seen raised on your blogg. You seem to be incorrect on all of them and I don’t believe your claims will withstand a thorough critique.

  3. martin Says:

    Fantastically funny irony on this site. Has to be fake because no one could be as stupid as this blogger really.

  4. Jonathan O'Toole Says:

    We have a team of volunteers and educators who speak to thousands of students at secondary schools in Kenya.We are ready to defend our position in any forum.

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