How homosexuality destroys society and families: Part 1

December 17, 2011

David Kuria Mbote, a prominent campaigner for the legitimisation of the destructive homosexual lifestyle in Kenya. He is running for the Kiambu County senate seat in the 2012 general elections with the singular agenda to legislate same-sex marriage in Kiambu County and possibly the whole country.

In a misguided sense of sympathy or in a pathetic attempt to support the legitimization of homosexuality in society, one of the most frequently asked questions goes like this: How does homosexuality affect society? Or how does same-sex marriage affect your marriage or family as a heterosexual?

Well, today I’m delighted to start tackling these questions comprehensively and put to rest all doubts regarding the grave dangers posed to our society by the ongoing covert attempts to legalise homosexual relations in Kenya. This is the first of a series of posts on this subject.

Lets begin by looking at the severe repercussions of the homosexual lifestyle on the physiological wellbeing of society. As numerously attested on this blog and validated by decades of medical research, all sorts of sexually transmitted diseases and other forms of malignant cancers and psychiatric disorders increase dramatically in societies where homosexuality is allowed to thrive (See previous posts on these afflictions). The AIDS pandemic is a classic example of a disease that originated with homosexuals and continues to thrive among men who have sex with other men (MSM). Its prevalence remains disproportionately much higher in homosexuals compared to heterosexuals.

In the United States of America for example, medical data has identified homosexual activity among males as by far, the largest single source of HIV infection in the general population. In a dramatic admission in early 2009, homosexual activist Matt Foreman, executive director of the United States National Gay and Lesbian Task Force shocked fellow homosexuals by declaring, “HIV is a gay disease.

While addressing the National Conference on Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender Equality in Detroit, Michigan, Foremen stunned the assembly by stating: “With 70 percent of the people in this country living with HIV being gay or bi-sexual, we cannot deny that HIV is a gay disease. We have to own that and face up to that.”

Here in Kenya, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among Homosexuals is not any different from the sorry figures in America. The former General Manager of the Gay & Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) David Kuria Mbote is on record admitting the same in 2009 on the GALCK website. He noted that “the few studies done on MSM activity in the country point at very grave seroprevalence levels among the MSM, typically a group that would also include gay men in Kenya. The Kilifi study points at 43%.”

He candidly went further to share: “Latest data from National Aids Control Council points out that 15% of all new HIV infections in the country are MSM related. For a population that is typically very small (perhaps less than 5%), these figures should be worrisome.” In another interview, he stated again:” Some statistics give you 47 per cent prevalence among the MSM and in some sexual networks the prevalence is much higher.”

Many of these closeted MSM also sleep with women, thereby spreading the disease to the rest of society. Now, if the facts starkly tell us that homosexuality endangers societal health, why are we being forced to legitimize the unnatural practice by President Obama and UK’s David Cameron and their hired puppets such as David Kuria in Kenya?

Kenyans should take note here that this David Kuria quit his position in GALCK in order to launch a political campaign for Senator of Kiambu County. Its instructive that the man has already failed the first test of integrity by not proclaiming on his website that he is a proud homosexual and that he has been advocating for the legitimization of homosexuality in the country for many years. Kiambu voters certainly need to know this.

However, I believe his misguided political campaign was just set-up to hoodwink white foreign donors obsessed with the promotion of homosexuality around the world. The guy will certainly not stand a chance but he is likely to make lots of money from European and American donors. In fact I believe it’s a cheap way to obtain political asylum in America or some European country once he starts claiming that his life is in danger – presumably from “homophobic” Kenyans.

Interestingly, the fellow wrote me an email earlier this year where he boasted that his one and only intention of becoming Kiambu Senator is to have same-sex marriages in the county legalised. Kiambu voters and residents, you’ve been warned. See my email correspondence with him below:

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 5:28 PM, David Kuria wrote:

Dear Intolerant,

Create your blog and say all the stuff you want, but you are on the wrong side of history.

Yes I am not at GALCK anymore, but that is because I have set up a strong foundation for the repeal of section 162 – 165 of the penal code.

Just so you know, I will be the Senator for Kiambu County, where my one and only intention is to have same-sex marriages in the county – which is possibly the most liberal in Kenya.

Check out my absolutely fantastic website – – again, sorry for you.

Kind regards
Senator David Kuria.
Kiambu County.

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Blake Onyango wrote:

Dear Kuria,

This is a pleasant surprise, hearing from you!

First of all, allow me to offer my greatest sympathies for your depraved condition and ugly sexual compulsions. Its a tragedy that instead of seeking readily available help to be freed from your sexual predicament, you’ve opted instead to propagate your perverted lifestyle onto other Kenyans.

Just two questions for you:

Do the people of Kiambu, whom you claim you want to lead as a Senator, realise that you are a proud Homosexual? Remember as a “liberal leader”, you need not feel any shame in openly declaring who you are and what you stand for.

Are you willing to appear publicly in a TV talk show to debate on the benefits, if any, that will accrue for Kenya if we legitimise and celebrate such a repugnant and dangerous lifestyle?

I look forward to hearing from you.



PS: To date, the cowardly stooge (on hire by western homosexual organisations) has not responded or taken up my challenge.


For a complete listing of numerous sexually transmitted diseases that afflict both male and female homosexuals, visit this webpage.

Homosexual Promiscuity: The shocking statistics

June 11, 2011

Today I want to lift the lid off this sordid subject by sharing statistics that will acutely shock readers of this blog. The horrendously promiscuous nature of homosexual men is a topic you’ll never hear covered in their so-called “human rights” seminars or conferences. You’ll also not hear a whimper on the subject from the liberal western media, which thrives on exposing the salacious lifestyles of their celebrities at every opportunity. The reason is rather obvious: they don’t want ordinary people to learn about and be horrified by the putrefying veneer and rot that is the real story behind the “gay” lifestyle.

Fortunately for Kenyans, credible research findings abound that reveal the highly promiscuous and therefore extremely unhealthy sexual practices of homosexual people. What I’m about to share will also expose our Kenyan brother in the diaspora, President Obama, as a straight-faced liar for telling Americans repeatedly that homosexual relationships are comparable and just as respectable as men-women relationships.

Simply looking at the numbers, any right-thinking human being would be left totally astounded at the depravity of the “gay” lifestyle. We are talking here about a sexual perversion gone horribly insane – an out of control sexual deviancy that completely defies reason.

Data on gay men sexual practices

Key findings from the Bell and Weinberg study (1978)

A survey conducted in 1996 by a New York homosexual magazine known as Genre, found that 24 % of the gay respondents had sexual encounters with more than 100 partners in their lifetime. The magazine noted that several respondents suggested including a category of those who had more than 1,000 sexual partners.

A study conducted in San Francisco (The gay capital of the United States of America) just before the outbreak of AIDS by two researchers, Bell and Weinberg, reported evidence of widespread sexual promiscuity among homosexual men. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with an astonishing 1,000 or more partners! Only 1 percent of the sexually active men had had fewer than five lifetime partners.

The same study revealed that homosexual men have to a great extent separated sexuality from relationships. The survey showed 79% of the respondents saying that over half of their sexual partners were strangers. 70% said that over half of their sexual partners were people with whom they had sex only once!

The authors, Bell and Weinberg, concede: “Little credence can be given to the supposition that homosexual men’s ‘promiscuity’ has been overestimated” (p.82). “Almost half of the white homosexual males said that they had had at least 500 different sexual partners during the course of their homosexual careers,” (p. 85).

Abnormal sexual lusts

Clearly, the homosexual lifestyle has its practitioners under a vice-like grip, totally dominating them through its ugly compulsions. Is it any wonder that the same study found out that homosexual men were 6 times more likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual men? Is it any wonder that homosexuals suffer a remarkably high prevalence of STDs (some involving new categories of diseases occurring uniquely among themselves)?

In their study of the sexual profiles of 2,583 older homosexuals published in Journal of Sex Research (1997), Paul Van de Ven et al. found that “the modal range for number of sexual partners ever (of homosexuals) was 101–500.” In addition, 10.2 to 15.7 % had between 501 and 1000 partners. A further 15.7% reported having had more than 1000 lifetime sexual partners! Source – Paul Van de Ven et al., A Comparative Demographic and Sexual Profile of Older Homosexually Active Men, Journal of Sex Research 34 (1997): 354.

These findings follow a research back in 1984 by a homosexual couple, David McWhirter and Andrew Mattison, who conducted a non-random study of 156 stable “committed” male homosexual couples. They found that none of the over 100 couples that had been together for more than 5 years had been sexually monogamous or exclusive. The authors argued that for male couples, “sexual monogamy is a passing stage of homophobia and that many homosexuals separate emotional fidelity and sexual exclusivity. What matters for male couples is emotional not physical faithfulness.” Source – D McWhirter and A Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop.

Nothing to compare with heterosexual norms

As things stand today, the above figures have probably spiraled further upwards with the acceptance of bolder gay-affirming environments in the west. Surveys on men-women sexual practices across the world don’t even come close to these crazy figures. Even in the highly promiscuous societies of Europe and the United States, men and women simply do not engage sexually at these shocking levels.

According to Dr. Robert Kronemeyer, author of Overcoming Homosexuality, “Nearly two thirds of gay men are constantly on the hunt for instant sex.” A typical attitude is expressed in the statement: “If I don’t score in 20 minutes after hitting the bar, I start to fall apart.” Kronemeyer indicates further that “30% of homosexual men have never had a relationship that survived a one-night stand.” This stands in stark contrast with the average heterosexual male who has on average five to nine sexual partners throughout his life, and who would thus appear considerably more monogamous by comparison.

Now for a population considered to be less than 2% in any given society (the 10% myth by homo propagandists is just that), these findings have far reaching implications for our country. It’s probable that the above nauseating decadence may reflect similar trends by Kenyan men who have sex with fellow men. If true, it would not be too far-fetched to imagine that in a city such as Nairobi with its small homosexual community, its practitioners have potentially had sex with all other homosexual men residing in the city!

Dear Kenyans, this is the truth regarding a sick and degenerate lifestyle the Chief Justice (CJ) nominee Dr Willy Mutunga believes should not be “discriminated upon”, but perhaps accorded the same dignity as monogamous men-women relationships in Kenya. This is the soft, ugly underbelly of the lifestyle deputy CJ nominee Ms Nancy Baraza will certainly not want to expose in her ongoing Phd thesis on “gay rights”. Mark my words fellow Kenyans, this is the destructive lifestyle the two in collaboration with their gay organizations allies will attempt to foist on Kenyans through judicial shenanigans in the next two years, unless right-thinking citizens stand up and expose their moral treachery.

For some data insights and explanations into the crazed sexual debauchery of homosexual men, visit Dr Joseph Nicolosi’s psychological clinic web page.

Homosexual coup d’état in the Kenyan Judiciary

May 24, 2011

Nancy Baraza & Willy Mutunga

Ms Nancy Baraza and Dr Willy Mutunga: Controversial nominees for deputy Chief Justice and Chief Justice respectively. Photo credit: Standard Group

Friday the 13th in urban legends and modern superstitions is viewed by many as a day in which bad luck reigns supreme. Indeed, a horror movie by that name has no less than 12 sequels all the way to 13! On that infamous date just over one week ago, the Kenyan Judicial Service Commission (JSC) chaired by Prof Christine Mango and starring the controversial advocate Ahmednasir Abdullahi among others, unleashed on Kenya perhaps the most radical left-leaning liberal advocate the country has ever seen as nominee for Chief Justice (CJ).

After a grueling two weeks of public interviews of 10 finalists, the JSC nominated civil society activists Dr Willy Mutunga and Ms Nancy Baraza for the positions of CJ and deputy CJ respectively. Their names were forwarded the same day to President Kibaki and PM Raila for “consultations” and appointment via parliamentary approval. Thereafter, an intriguing media storm began.

I want to state clearly from the onset that despite an overwhelming campaign by leading personalities and mainstream media commentators praising the suitability of the two to head our Judiciary, there are compelling reasons to believe that Kenyans are being deluded big time into accepting individuals who will ultimately prove fatal for our vulnerable social fabric and moral wellbeing as a nation. Notwithstanding their remarkable credentials and record advocating for greater democracy in Kenya over the last three decades, I strongly believe the pair has over the years embraced despicable western ideologies that present a clear and immediate danger to our society. Allow me to explain.

There’s now sufficient public evidence from the past week’s media storm to conclude that Mutunga and Baraza sold their consciences a long time ago to the global Homosexual movement. In numerous forums and presentations in the so-called “Human Rights” conferences, the two have made unambiguous statements that indicate their strong support for the legitimization of homosexual behaviour in Kenya that would open the way for the introduction of same-sex marriage in the country.

Its instructive to note that on 16th May, Lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui while filing a petition in the High Court challenging the nomination of the two stated in his affidavit that: “The two nominees have been openly supporting homosexuality. Dr Mutunga facilitated the incorporation of Kenya Gay and Lesbian Trust (KEGALE) dated October 31, 2006, whose objective was to engage in activism for the abolition of legal and extra legal forms of discrimination by same gender loving people.” Mr Kinyanjui questioned whether the JSC interviewed the two nominees over the same issue.

Read more details of Mutunga’s homosexual “rights” record on this webpage. Click here also for Baraza’s views on homosexuality. These are especially very telling. They were recorded at a CKRC meeting back in 2002 when Yash Pal Ghai (another apologist for homosexuality) was leading the constitutional review team and where Ms Baraza was also a Commissioner.

I’ve no doubts that if their appointments are approved by Parliament, it would virtually be a coup d’état in the Kenyan Judiciary as far as radical redefinition of homosexuality and our traditional family set-ups are concerned.

Legitimizing homosexuality and same-sex marriage

I predict that in the next two years, the two will attempt to gerrymander around our constitution to make rulings declaring section 162-165 of our penal code “unconstitutional” and “oppressive” to the so-called sexual “minorities”. This perversion will be done in the guise of promoting “equality”, “tolerance” and “diversity” in our society, and with great support from western powers. The earth-shaking ruling will probably be preceded by a well-choreographed lawsuit by the Gay & Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK) or some other homosexual outfit. They will claim “discrimination” on the grounds of sexual orientation and will be requesting a supreme court interpretation of the Bill of Rights. This is the game plan by the homosexual lobbies in Kenya and the nomination of Mutunga as CJ would not have come at a better time for these groups.

Let’s all be clear about one thing: Nature discriminates against homosexuality. The global taboo against homosexuality running back thousand of years is rooted in natural law – for nature (or God as author of nature) designed the anatomy and physiology of human beings in such a way that sex between men and women is sex “according to nature.” Sex between men and men or between women and women, though it can be accomplished in an unnatural manner, doesn’t seem to be what God had in mind. Finally, homosexuality has never been scientifically proven to have any genetic causes despite many attempts by western gay lobbies to falsify research into the existence of a so-called “gay gene”.

Same-sex arrangements can never be “equal” to the God-ordained institutions of marriage and family. They cannot produce children by themselves. Homosexual partners cannot acquire a child without involving heterosexual procreation in some way. There’s no doubt that society should always put the welfare of children first by favoring natural parenting (mother and father) over an atrocious experimental version (father and male lover) that models perversion to innocent children in their own home.

Dr Willy Mutunga was a strong campaigner for greater democratic space in the 1990s when former President Moi and KANU were riding roughshod over the country. To many people, he remains an icon of patriotism and nationalism. Ms Nancy Baraza also has an enviable record of civil society work standing up for human and women rights over the last three decades, especially at the FIDA.

However, this history does not give them the license to betray their motherland by foisting on the Kenyan society ideologies and values that are diametrically opposed to our moral and healthy wellbeing. Homosexuality remains in the eyes of many, an intrinsically disordered sexual behaviour and an abomination to our cultures and norms. Any attempt to impose this sick behaviour on Kenyans through judicial activism and legislation from the bench by Mutunga and Baraza should be regarded by all moral and right-thinking Kenyans as surely, a virtual act of treason due to its destructive consequences on the nation.

This is not idle talk. Historians have conclusively established that one of the major factors that led to the decline of once-great ancient empires was the acceptance and full embrace of the homosexual lifestyle by those empires. The great Roman empire crumbled and weakened under this destructive behaviour. Years of embracing the vice by Roman noblemen to levels of absurdity, considerably weakened the overall preparedness of the Roman state against potential threats.

Looking at the United States of America especially under President Obama, one can clearly tell that this nation is on the decline as a result of this moral decadence and so-called “liberal” policies that allow “civil unions” between homosexuals. To save Kenya from this future ignominy, Parliament must reject the nomination of Dr Willy Mutunga and Nancy Baraza. The two surely cannot be the only ones who can reform our Judiciary.

Organizations promoting Homosexuality in Kenya

April 25, 2011

Just last week, the Daily Nation reported another bizarre “wedding” between a Kenyan woman based in Kansas, USA and an American mother of two. This follows a similar tragic tale of the Kenyan men who got “married” in London, back in 2009. This may be a bit far fetched but its a scenario homosexuals and their misguided sympathisers would love to see happen in Kenya, just like in Obama’s America.

Lesbian "wedding"
Terry Wakonyo Ng’endo, 24, and her “bride” Courtney Nicole, 25 (left). Photo credit: Daily Nation.

Many Kenyans are not aware that homosexual lobby groups in our country are not only well organized, but also well funded by European and American so called “human rights” organisations. Notable among these funders is the Open Society Foundations of American Billionaire and liberal radical George Soros, and the Urgent Action Fund.

Their nefarious operations in Nairobi and other parts of the country have been done covertly, away from public glare and sanction. However, since the 2007 World Social Forum held in Kasarani, Nairobi, there has been concerted efforts to promote their agenda more openly and boldly. They have the support of mainstream journalists, especially at the Nation Media Group (said to be either homosexuals or lesbians) and some high-ranking government officials, including some Members of Parliament and two cabinet Ministers who are themselves homosexuals!

The Nation Media Group, despite its hypocritical posture as a “family-oriented” media house, has over the last two years provided a powerful forum for several homosexual affirming articles. These are mostly from their regular columnists Prof Makau Mutua (Sunday Nation), Muthoni Wanyeki (The NGO Kenya Human Rights Commission Director writing for the East African newspaper) and sometimes Charles Onyango Obbo (East African). There are times supportive articles have been sourced from Kenyan homosexuals living in America such as Keguro Macharia (A professor of English – University of Maryland).

With this kind of support, Kenyan homosexual lobbies were behind plans to sneak in clauses repealing or seriously weakening the penal code section 162-165 (that criminalizes their homosexual behaviour). This was during the law review that culminated in a new constitution in August 2010. Fortunately for Kenyans, this plan floundered and the penalty for homosexual behaviour remains 5 to 14 years imprisonment. However, the homosexual community has been celebrating a pyrrhic victory of sorts since then claiming that the new constitution only prohibits same-sex marriage but not same-sex relations! People are sometimes allowed their delusions.

Nonetheless, I will now lay bare a list of homosexual organizations operating in Kenya, the people behind their operations and what they’ve been up to in recent times.

The Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya (GALCK)

Established in May 2006, GALCK is a coalition of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) organisations based in Kenya. The website, expressly states their core mission to be the deletion of sections 162-165 of the penal code that criminalizes their lifestyles in Kenya. The coalition is comprised of Minority Women in Action (MWA), Gay Kenya, Ishtar, GALEBITRA, TOMIK, Diverse Outing, Changing Attitudes and Equality Now!

The GALCK General Manager has over the last few years been one, a Mr David Kuria. In late 2010, he commenced issuing press statements challenging Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s position that homosexual behaviour in Kenya remains illegal under the new constitution. Despite his correct interpretation of the law, the PM cowardly seemed to retract from his call to the police to arrest homosexuals after a media storm orchestrated by homo supporters including Prof Makau Mutua and Muthoni Wanyeki. A recent advert on the Gay Kenya website indicates that GALCK is looking for a new GM.

Pouline Kimani, a young woman in her mid twenties, is one of the key GALCK officials in charge of co-ordinating lesbian activities in Kenya. She has appeared in several TV talk shows in Kenya and Uganda (for example a Citizen TV Hatua Show in 2008) talking about the “oppression” of homosexuals and advocating for acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle.

Discerning Kenyans should be keenly aware that the homosexual movement in our country deliberately fronts lesbians as spokespersons because they know audiences will not feel overly affronted or offended. Most Kenyan men view lesbians as a huge kinky joke. In fact, quite a number have sexual fantasies about lesbians.

Now, if a Kenyan male homosexual was to appear on TV, the ball game would change dramatically. Male homos tend to gross out the average Kenyan. Men in particular cannot picture how a fellow man can give up his ass to another man in the name of “love” and “sex”. Crudely put, the thought of a man copulating with another man makes the average Kenyan man puke. The hostility that would result from such a media approach could set back the homosexual movement in Kenya very many years of their underground work.

The homo lobbies and their financiers know this, and that’s why they present nice looking young women on TV to advocate for the legitimization of homosexuality. Lets wise up to these charades and reject their lifestyles for good.

Ishtar MSM

A community-based organization working with men who have sex with men (MSM) in Nairobi. Established in 1997, it is the oldest of the Kenyan homo organizations. The founder director, Emmanuel Kamau a.k.a. “Aunty Ivy” in homo circles, fled into exile in the USA soon after the World Social Forum of 2007, claiming his life was in danger. He is “married” to a white man, who is apparently a “pastor” in one of the “evangelical” churches in Nairobi. They reside in Dallas, Texas. The current director of Ishtar is known as Mr. Peter Njane.

TOMICK (The Other Men in Kenya)

This group was founded by a former gospel singer known as David Ohingo. TOMICK is a small group of well-connected homosexual men who secretly lobby the political environment in Kenya towards decriminalization of homosexuality.

KEGALE Trust (Kenya Gay and Lesbian Trust)

Registered as a Trust by the registrar of Societies, these are the people behind GayKenya. The founders have previously written to the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNHRC) requesting for the support and recognition of their “rights” to live openly as homosexuals in Kenya. They’ve received some enthusiastic support from Lawrence Mute, a blind former commissioner who has previously penned media articles opposing the discrimination of homosexuals on the grounds of sexual orientation.

If you ask me, that’s a lame argument for the simple reason that a pedophile or a person who practices bestiality would claim the same “discrimination” on the same grounds as homosexuals. In any case, science has documented over 23 different sexual orientations/perversions. If as a country we start tolerating and affirming homosexuality, why not the other perversions? In fact, I submit that this approach will open the flood gates to all sorts of repugnant societal misfits claiming legitimacy based on “equality” and “diversity” under the law.

Other Sheep East Africa (OSEA)

A homosexual “christian” couple from the USA, Steve Parelli and Jose Ortiz, were instrumental in its formation and funding in 2008. Steve is the Executive Director of Other Sheep (USA) based in New York. This organization claims to “minister” to homosexuals in East Africa, providing a “church” where their sexual orientation is accepted and celebrated.

Its key officials are as follows:
• Rev. Michael Nzuki Kimindu of Metropolitan Community Church (a defrocked Anglican preacher, also discharged from Military Chaplaincy) – Coordinator.
• Rev. John Makokha (also a defrocked Anglican preacher) – Coordinator.
• Mrs. Anne Baraza – A Counselor helping homosexuals, their friends and families come to terms with the lifestyle.
• Mr. Peter Wanyama – Committee member.

As a majority of Kenyans continue with their ambivalence towards homosexuals assuming they are just a fringe group that has no chance in Kenya, homosexual lobby groups are not sleeping. They are working day and night to ensure they win official legitimacy for their unhealthy sexual lifestyles. Remarkably, the homo lobbies already have representation in the Kenya National AIDS Control Council (NACC), ostensibly to highlight the plight of homosexual people afflicted by AIDS. The real reason was that foreign financiers arm-twisted the GoK to include them if they wanted more funding towards AIDS.

The NACC has already participated in many homosexual activities, being invited to speak at several of their forums. This is never reported in the local media as gay events but merely as AIDS seminars. A notable one is the World AIDS Day on December 1st – a day that is fast becoming synonymous with homosexual lobbies parading in the streets of Nairobi and Mombasa under the guise of fighting the AIDS scourge.

In a clever attempt to disguise their identities as gay lobbies, t-shirts emblazoned with the GALCK logo replace the “A” with a red AIDS ribbon. This deludes Kenyans into thinking that the demonstrators are just another group fighting against the AIDS scourge. Unfortunately for these misguided homo folks, the obvious medical truth is that their lifestyle behaviour is actually the cause of their affliction from HIV/AIDS. See an earlier post on the subject – Diseases associated with Homosexuality. Let Kenyans beware of these organisations and what they intend for our society.

President Obama destroys America’s military might using Homosexuality

December 22, 2010

United States President Barrack Obama’s misguided dream of imposing homosexuality on Americans received a tremendous boost last Saturday 18th December 2010 when the Democrat-controlled US House and Senate voted 63-33, allowing likely passage of a bill to repeal the ban on open homosexuals in the military.

Taking advantage of the “lame-duck” session before newly elected Republican Party members are sworn in early next year, Democrats led by Majority Leader Harry Reid and supported by several “conservatives” such us Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Independent) secured the vote to effectively homosexualize the United States Armed Forces.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, which opposes the “gay” activist agenda, said the vote, potentially clearing the way for repealing the military ban, is the most important homosexuality-related congressional vote ever held: “If the lame-duck Congress succeeds in ‘gaying down’ our military this weekend, it will take a disastrous leap toward “mainstreaming” deviant, sinful homosexual conduct – not just in the military but in larger society — thus further propelling America’s moral downward spiral.”

Obama has frequently and falsely compared homosexuality, a changeable, destructive and depraved sexual BEHAVIOUR, to the question of RACE, an immutable genetic characteristic that is not destructive or deviant in any way. He has often gone ahead to claim that the homosexual “rights” movement is similar to the Black Civil Rights movement of the 1960s. I maintain that this is a gross insult to all black people in the world.

With these unfortunate developments in the US military, I foresee the rapid weakening of its might as professional and morally-inclined soldiers leave in droves to avoid being compelled to shower and bunk with fellows ogling their backsides. Morale and discipline is also likely to go down with the emergence of an effeminate “pink” culture in the US barracks [see the videos below].

As I conclude this commentary, its important to note that one of the reasons cited in historical studies for the decline and eventual collapse of the once mighty Roman empire was the embrace and celebration of homosexuality. Thanks to Obama and his radical liberal agenda, the United States of America is now ready to follow suit.

The new Kenyan Constitution and Homosexuality

August 8, 2010

Following the clear endorsement by Kenyans of a new constitution on August 4th 2010, there has been lots of talk in some homo quarters regarding certain clauses on the Bill of Rights that are believed to somehow decriminalise homosexuality in Kenya. I’ve checked out these allegations and found them to be spurious and not to be taken seriously.

To all the homo lobbies in Nairobi and their elitist Western-educated supporters such as Muthoni Wanyeki (Kenya Human Rights Commission and a regular columnist of the East African newspaper) and her comrade-in-arms Prof Makau Mutua (Sunday Nation columnist) – as we say here in Kenya – poleni sana!

The penal code is very much in place and the new constitution does not contradict nor eradicate Section 162 to 165. This still criminalises homosexual behaviour and attempted homosexual behaviour between men, referring to it as “carnal knowledge against the order of nature”. The penalty remains 5 to 14 years imprisonment.

Going by the strong negative reactions from Kenyans during the referendum campaigns whenever the bogey of same-sex marriage was brought up by the “NO” leaders, I’m confident that homosexuality will never be legalised in Kenya. Let this diseased condition remain in the West, to be celebrated by the likes of President Obama who are so convinced it is a healthy lifestyle for their Nations.

I would now like to share an excellent article below that was published in the Standard Newspaper early this year. Due to its very hilarious yet sharp, no-apologies-take-no-prisoners approach to the destructive homosexual lifestyle, I found it prudent and timely to post the same here as a matter of public record for anyone interested in establishing how the average normal Kenyan man actually views homosexuality. Hats off to the writer.


Homosexuality perversion is a threat to survival of humankind

Barrack Muluka
Published on 09/01/2010

Homosexuals have coined the word homophobia, to mean intense fear or hatred of homosexuals or homosexuality. Accordingly, I am classified as homophobic. This is on account of the fact I cannot stand homosexuals.

I can pity them, yes. But stand them, no. I have never stood them. And I know of one or two homos; and I have also heard it rumoured around that some well known public figures have these contemptible appetites.

You will occasionally come across uncouth male characters who will even try to finger you in conversation and try ‘taking you out’. When they do not try this, they disgustingly try to be coy and womanish with you. The very thought of it makes me sick.

Let me have about me a couple of dozens of Tiger Woods and their dozens of concubines. I can live with that and so, too, can Mother Nature and a whole world out there, when all the virtuous hypocrisy about Tiger and his one dozen mistresses is set aside. But homosexuality is another ballgame altogether. While the practice itself should be shameful in the extreme, it is worse than scandalous that society allows homosexuals to brazenly talk about such psychotic and psychopathic things as ‘same sex marriage’, ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay tolerance’.

I had never even considered that I should some day demean my pen to write about the perversion that is men scrambling for men. For I have always considered the homosexual a pervert, who should be left alone. And I have left these nauseous fellows alone.

But this is to the extent that they leave you alone. Today, homos whom we thought were normal men and whom, therefore, we respected are obliquely (and sometimes quite overtly) pronouncing their status and trying to make society feel guilty about its aversion to homosexuality.

Mother Nature in her own wisdom devised her preservation through the dual faculties of procreation and recreation. In order to procreate, nature laced the path of creating life with a huge dose of giving and receiving pleasure.

But the exchange was between a man and a woman. For the pleasure is not an end in itself. It is a bonus to those who do the good job of making life.

Man and Woman are naturally designed to enjoy the sex act with the goal of producing offspring. Nature was aware that if the element of pleasure should be lacking, then Man and Woman may be disinclined to coming together merely for continuity of life. And so they serenade as they mould and they mould as they serenade.

Homosexuality is a threat to the very survival of humankind. For in this distorted engagement, ‘serenading’ is the end in itself. Homosexual ‘couples’ argue that they can come round the procreation concern through adoption of children or some laboratory abracadabra. The bottom line is the same. To perpetuate life, you need the combined male and female effort. Homosexuality is hostile to this effort.

But people claiming superior scientific knowledge argue that homos have a ‘different natural inclination’. They say that we should understand this and be tolerant. But pray, where does this ‘understanding’ and ‘tolerance’ stop? The next thing is that paedophiles will be telling us to ‘understand’ and ‘tolerate’ their appetite for children, including infants. For if it is natural for some people to be inclined towards the same sex, we must ‘naturally’ understand that some other people will be ‘naturally’ inclined towards babies.

I have seen in the streets of Amsterdam picture posters that invite the public to live sex shows in the sex houses of the Dutch city. On some of the posters are promotional photographs of pedigree European dogs — real German shepherd dogs and sundry hounds and mongrels — fully set in nauseating phallic readiness to perform on a human female. Then there are jet set ‘virile men’ ready for congress with she-mongrels.

Now if it is natural for some people to be inclined towards congress with members of the same sex, we must also concede space to those drawn to copulation with mongrels and sundry fauna.

Then there is the rapist. If the homosexual must have his space, let the rapist have his space, too.The lowest common factor between the rapist, the paedophiliac and the dog-man is that they have evolved perverted carnal appetites that run counter to the law of nature.

If one should have ‘his rights’, then let all have their rights. The difference between two consenting males on the one hand and a consenting human and a dog on the other hand is academic. Soon, too, the notion of a consenting infant will be irrelevant.

They ask you, ‘suppose your son was a homosexual, what would you do?’ Now this is what philosophers call a reductio ad absurdum. Suppose your son was a dog-man? Of course he cannot be my son if he is a homosexual, or a dog-man. He could be my anything else, but not a son. He cannot be anybody’s son. Sons don’t marry other men, nor do they allow other men to marry them.

No, he cannot be a son. Sons can only be men with the proclivity to pass the genes they inherited from their forefathers to subsequent generations of their family trees, through the only path that nature has opened for this purpose.

The writer is a publishing editor and media consultant.

Michael Jackson was a Homosexual: We just refused to see it

June 30, 2010

1st Death anniversary commentary Michael Jackson

This being the first anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, I believe it’s high time we examined a part of his life that appears to have been ignored following his sudden demise on June 25th 2009. Considering the rapid advance and celebration of the homosexual lifestyle in the West, and an emerging bold and media-supported facet of the same in Nairobi, this post comes at an appropriate time for those of us MJ fans who would like to face up unflinchingly to some painful truths.   

A lot has been said and written about the late iconic musician Michael Jackson. His talent and genius was undeniable. His memory and spectacular contribution to the global music industry will probably be talked about for many years to come. As evangelist Al Sharpton remarked soon after his death, the man was truly a historic figure.

However, there’s an aspect of Michael Jackson’s life that continues to be glossed over as people look back at his fantastic music. Yes, numerous accusations did come up in the 1990s regarding his paedophilic tendencies and indeed, a number of law-suits were instituted against him. A famous case example is the out-of-court settlement between MJ and a 13-year-old, Jordan Chandler in 2005. It was reported that the boy’s family was paid $10m to drop the sordid affair.

The remarkable aspect about these depraved encounters between MJ and underage boys was that the realisation never quite hit us, including the liberal media – that MJ could simply have been a homosexual. Indeed, looking at his music, videos and his brief marriages, it is rather obvious that he was trying too hard to be what he was not. The most bizarre aspect was that we all kept fooling ourselves that he was a hot-blooded heterosexual even as he continued to show us that he was in actual fact a homosexual all along.

Just look at his weird relationship with women and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It’s rumoured that all his three children were fathered through artificial insemination. It was also once reported that he hired the model Brook Shields has his date. Now, considering the manner in which his adoring female fans would swoon in excitement at his concerts, what sort of man was he to hire a woman as his date?

His ridiculous transformation from being a black man to a something akin to a white woman, to the point when he started wearing red lipsticks in the 90s, and his lust for young boys, MJ was telling us clearly what we refused to acknowledge – that he was really a Homosexual all along! 

Clearly, love is blind. Our love for Michael Jackson, an ‘ex-black man’ who managed to transcend racial bigotry way before Obama and Oprah had the audacity to dream about it, strongly blinded as to this obvious truth for more than three decades.

As we commemorate the first anniversary of his death and remember his great music, it’s also time to finally acknowledge his homosexuality and its causes. Perhaps, a close look at the brutal relationship he had with his father could give us pointers as to what went wrong in Michael Jackson’s childhood development and his sorry transformation into a tragic figure in his latter years.    

For detailed and very useful information on how children develop into homosexuals, click on this link.

Homosexuality and the Abuse of Children’s Rights

October 22, 2009

Following the astonishing marriage between two Kenyan men in London on the 17th October 2009, I felt compelled to publish a cutting commentary I posted last year in my previous blog which google refused to tolerate in the interest of fair and open debate of the homosexual lifestyle. This post, which attracted angry rejoinders and attacks from homosexuals received a record 126 comments. It was probably the one reason Google decided to shut me down. Nonetheless, in light of recent developments among Kenyan homosexuals in London, I hereby share the post in the public interest.


A photo appearing on the homosexual group Equality California’s website. The group was in 2008 involved in campaigns to oppose a proposed constitutional amendment (known as Proposition Eight) to protect marriage as one-man, one-woman in that state. However, this failed when on 4th November 2008, 52% of the voters rightly decided that marriage belongs to opposite sex couples only.


Children across the world are regarded as the most vulnerable and precious members of any society. They are not only a source of joy in many families, they are also universally regarded as a special heritage and blessing to our future as human beings.

Because of these reasons, any threats or risks to their wellbeing is never taken lightly or underestimated by any civilized society. An overwhelming number of people will go to great lengths to protect children and ensure no harm comes their way. Whenever their healthy growth is severely compromised, most people recognize that the consequences are very grave for society as a whole.

Indeed, this is the very reason that children’s rights are recognized and protected in the laws of virtually all functioning States in the world. You might be wondering at this point what the sordid homosexual lifestyle has to do with children’s rights, and what am driving at.

I intend to demonstrate here that the current trend in a number of Western countries, to support the so-called homosexual “rights” to marriage and subsequent “rights” to adopt children is a grievous transgression on the human rights of these children.

By placing children into homes that celebrate these unnatural unions, Western governments are foolishly and recklessly exposing thousands of innocent children to severe psychological trauma. This does not auger well for their healthy development as human beings.

To pretend that ‘two daddys’ or ‘two mummys’ can suitably play the role of parents to an innocent child is extremely cruel, myopic and astonishingly foolish. Only a sick mind would argue that the Western tragedy of “gay” parenthood — intentionally (and selfishly) placing helpless children in homes that are motherless or fatherless by design — is “equal” to natural, mom-and-dad parenthood and should be treated as such in the law.

Common knowledge and psychological research in the area of childhood development has numerously shown that children tend to be greatly influenced by their parents. By the simple reason of having been brought into the world through the union of a man and a woman, children nurtured appropriately by a loving father and mother often grow psychologically healthy and comfortable in their identities as boys or girls.

From an early age, boys subconsciously pick up male gender behaviour from their fathers while girls learn about their femininity from their mothers. A family set-up that deliberately replaces one of these parents with one from the same gender inevitably creates a gender identity crisis for a growing child.

With parents being the closest and primary role models for their children, it’s obvious that the homosexual game plan in these adoptions is to recruit innocent children into their lifestyle. Think about it: When a child is constantly exposed to two adults of the same gender hugging and kissing each other, people who the child believe to be the role models, protectors and guardians in their life, what is he or she likely to grow up thinking? 

It’s obvious that a child raised in this environment will view homosexuality as a perfectly normal lifestyle to aspire for in adulthood. The journey ahead for such kids is inevitably filled with so much needless pain, as I will now illustrate.

Potential sexual abuse of children

Children in these abhorrent homes are also potentially at high risk of sexual abuse from their disordered ‘parents’. As several credible researchers have found out, this is no idle talk. 

Citing a study (Freund & Watson, 1992), which was reported in the Journal of Sex and Marital TherapyNARTH found that homosexual males were “three times more likely than straight men to engage in adult-child sexual relations.” 

In addition, Psychiatrist Jeffrey Satinover says in his book Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, that there is a “substantial, influential, and growing segment of the homosexual community thatneither hides nor condemns pedophilia.” The North American Men/Boy Lovers Association (NAMBLA) is a good example. There is also a lesbian version going by the name “Butterfly Kisses”.

For these homosexuals, same-sex attraction to minors may originate from their own sexual experiences. Research shows that very often, homosexuals had their own initial same-sex encounter with an adult while children. 

Writing in a May 1992 publication of The Advocate, a faggot known as Carl Maves agreed. “How many gay men, I wonder, would have missed out on a valuable, liberating experience – one that initiated them into their sexuality – if it weren’t for this so-called molestation?” he said. The Advocate (established in 1967) is the oldest continuing homosexual magazine in the United States.

A review on a research conducted on the molestation of boys (Holmes and Slap, 1998), was published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). It showed that adolescent boys who were abused by men were up to 7 times more likely to identify themselves as homosexual or bisexual later in life.

Western governments stand accused

In recent times, homosexual allies in Western governments (such as the radically pro-homosexual President Obama) are hell-bent on placing thousands of innocent children into the hands of homosexual couples (and potential pedophiles) in the name of “equality” in child adoptions. Many people would rightly view this as a fate worse than death.

Clearly, the natural and inalienable rights of these children, to be nurtured and raised lovingly by a mother and father have been grossly abused to satisfy the detestable whims and perverse fantasies of two disordered individuals.

Homosexuals and their equally misguided “liberal” supporters in the West love talking about “choice”. What damn bloody “choice” do they give these innocent angels when they place them in these disordered family set-ups?

I confidently submit that given a choice, no child on this earth would prefer to be raised by a ‘dad and dad’ or even a ‘mummy and mummy’ couple. This parody of the man-woman family structure can never nurture psychologically and morally balanced children. 

More often than not, these kids will have to endure years of severe traumatizing mockery from their peers, struggling to reconcile and understand why they do not have a real father and mother. And these are just the lucky ones. Others are likely to undergo sexual abuse from their “fathers”, as part of a sick “liberating” sexual lesson in growing up into homosexuality.

A right thinking society should put the welfare of children first by favoring natural parenting (mom and dad) over an experimental version (dad and male lover) that models perversion to innocent children in their own home. Thankfully, the 2001 Childrens Act in Kenya recognizes this under section 158. The section (without exceptions) disqualifies homosexuals from adopting children.

European Nations that currently allow this travesty to flourish, such as the United Kingdom, Sweden and the Netherlands, should closely examine themselves before pointing at Africa as a backward continent. Fellow Africans (with the exception of South Africa), if this is what Western progress, enlightenment and development is all about, let us happily remain in the dark ages with our total rejection of homosexuality in our countries.

For detailed and very useful information on how children develop into homosexuals, click on this link.

Homosexual Diseases Part 3: Mental Disorders

October 22, 2009

The question of whether homosexuality should continue to be regarded as a mental illness remains one of the most divisive debates to have ever engaged the American Psychiatric Association (APA) back in the 1960s and 70s. In 1970, the APA affirmed strongly that homosexuality was indeed a mental disorder. This decision lasted only three years before the association caved in to political intimidation and coercion.

In a press release dated December 15, 1973, the APA became the first medical organisation “to officially remove the stigma of disease from persons with same-sex preference”. It’s very important to note that no new medical findings had been made about homosexuality between 1970 and 1973 to reverse the diagnosis that it was a disease.  The homosexual lobby brought about this reversal by its persistent and for the most part, dishonest public campaigning. This included coercion and lobbying of government and influential organizations in America. Numerous incidences are well documented during this period when homo activists frequently disrupted medical conferences, shouting down speakers and physically intimidating scientists. Clearly, the 1973 reversal was a political and not a scientific decision by the APA.Its very easy to understand why the homosexual activists resorted to these unscientific tactics. The credibility of the homosexual movement was at great risk as long as the medical professional listed their behaviour as a sickness. Public opinion in America (and elsewhere) could be greatly influenced to regard homosexuality positively if a “scientific opinion” was to lend support to the homosexual cause. Thus, the 1973 APA decision opened the most important door for homosexuality to find a legal footing in western countries.I will now demonstrate here that homosexuality remains a mental disorder, despite what misguided Western nations may want Africans to believe. Any honest, unbiased person who has studied the medical literature relating to homosexuality will surely reach the same conclusion.

Indicative research into homosexual mental disorders

Two extensive studies appearing in the October 1999 issue of the American Medical Association’s Archives of General Psychiatry confirm a strong link between homosexual sex and suicide, as well as a relationship between homosexuality and emotional mental problems.

One of the studies in the journal, by David M. Ferguson and his team, found that, “gay, lesbian and bisexual young people are at increased risk of psychiatric disorder and suicidal behaviors.”

These homosexual and “gay” youth were four times as likely as their normal peers to suffer from major depression, almost three times as likely to suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, nearly four times as likely to experience conduct disorder, five times as likely to have nicotine dependence, six times as likely to suffer from multiple disorders, and over six times as likely to have attempted suicide.

An extensive study in the Netherlands makes a mockery of the assumption that ‘homophobia’ is the cause of increased psychiatric illness among gays and lesbians. Of all the Western nations, the Dutch people are the most supportive of same-sex relationships. In fact, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to fully legalise gay marriages back in September 2000.

This obviously tells us that oppression of homosexuals in the Netherlands hardly arises and yet their anal practitioners suffer psychological distress similar to other homosexuals in western nations. The Dutch study, published in the January 2001 Archives of General Psychiatry, did indeed find a high rate of psychiatric disease associated with same-sex behaviors.

Compared to controls who had no homosexual experience in the 12 months prior to the interview, males who had any homosexual contact within that time period were much more likely to experience major depression, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Interesting Lesbian insights

Females with any homosexual contact within the previous 12 months were more often diagnosed with major depression, social phobia or alcohol dependence. In fact, those with a history of homosexual contact had higher prevalence of nearly all the psychiatric disorders measured in the study. One study in America noted over 300% increases in incidence of serious personal distress among lesbians as compared to heterosexual women.

June 7th 2008: A lesbian couple at the Massachusetts transgender parade. The woman on the right has undergone a breast removal operation to become a “man”. Does anyone honestly believe these women are sane?

There’s actually a simple explanation why lesbians experience alarmingly higher depression than their heterosexual counterparts. As any normal man or woman will tell you, women by nature invest more time, emotions and their self-worth into relationships compared to men. This is what you could call quality-of-relationship issues.  Women therefore often put greater demands on the quality of the relationship in order to satisfy their own individual needs. This in turn puts higher stress on the relationship. Now put two women together in a lesbian relationship, each making the same high demands and one will predictably get a relatively short union leading to serious depression.As Prof. Rob Gagnon, one of the world’s leading authorities on homosexuality eloquently explains,“Putting two (or more) people of the same sex in a sexual union does absolutely nothing for moderating the extremes of a given sex or filling in the gaps of a given sex. It rather magnifies the extremes and highlights the gaps. That is the nature of a one-sex sexual bond. This measurable reality discloses the non-measurable problem of attempting sexual merger with someone who is not a true sexual complement.” 

===============================In concluding this series on diseases related to the homosexual lifestyle, I would like fellow Kenyans to ponder the numerous lies promoted by the homosexual movement and their misguided agents in Kenya. 

At a time when even smoking is considered a serious danger to public health with smokers increasingly isolated in Nairobi, a lifestyle linked to a raging epidemic of disease and death is now being promoted to Kenyans as a “human right”that deserves to be celebrated. 

This blog has comprehensively demonstrated the fallacy behind this notion. Faggot apologists have a lot of work to do in showing Kenyans the ‘gayness’(happiness) if any that exists in the homosexual lifestyle. What we’ve seen has been the very opposite.

Homosexual Diseases Part 2: Anal Cancer

October 22, 2009

No other part of the human anatomy defines homosexuality as much as the anus does. For faggots, this is the part they prefer to view as their “second” sexual genitalia rather than its rightful and natural function as an alimentary conduit for human excreta, otherwise known as SHIT.

Amazing as this sounds, they are actually fighting hard through subtle and sophisticated means for their behaviour to be acknowledged as a human “right” here in Kenya. Their morbid fascination with the asshole as an object of sexual desire defies logic or any rational understanding.

Most normal folks are so flabbergasted by this behaviour that they don’t know where to start in confronting the abnormality. It’s no wonder that many have resorted to religious arguments in rejecting homosexuality in their societies. You can clearly see this in the laudable stand the Anglican Church has taken in Kenya against homosexuality.

Nonetheless, this blog continues to tackle this sordid subject rationally, drawing on scientific facts rather than religious arguments to fervently reject this unnatural, deviant form of human sexual perversion.

In my endeavors to illustrate just how sick the homosexual lifestyle really is to human beings, I now share a few facts regarding a disease that afflicts faggots across the world. You’ll hardly hear of it being treated at the Nairobi Hospice, but anal cancer is found overwhelmingly among homosexuals as opposed to straight people in any given country.

Anal cancer is a rare, often curable cancer that produces slow-growing tumors and lesions in the anus and nearby anal anatomy. Most anal cancers are associated with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), which causes warts on the anus and genitals, similar to cervical and other cancers of the reproductive system.

Anal cancer affects men and women, but it is the only cancer with a greater prevalence among men who have sex with men (MSM) than in the general population. About 35 in every 100,000 MSM develop anal cancer, compared to less than one in every 100,000 heterosexual men. This means that a faggot is at least 35 times more likely to develop the cancer compared to a straight man!

It gets even worse when you introduce HIV into the equation. The risk for anal cancer in HIV-positive men is twice as high as that for HIV-negative MSM. Source – LGBT Health Channel.

According to the United States Surgeon-general nominee Dr. James W. Holsinger, anal warts are commonly found among individuals who practice anal intercourse and only rarely found among heterosexuals practicing vaginal intercourse. “In one series of 260 homosexual men seen by proctologists, 134 (51.5 percent) had anal warts. They may occur anywhere in the anal-genital area but are particularly common in the anus of homosexual men. This infection appears to be correlated with the higher incidence of anal cancer in homosexual men”- Quoted from his 1991 paper on the patho-physiology of male homosexuality.

There are two other skin cancers that appear to have a high affinity for homosexuals. According to research results published in the American Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 157, No. 11: 966-972),Kaporsis Sarcoma was more than 100 times more common in gay men, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was 15 times more common. Both cancers are known to be linked to HIV/AIDS. (About 10% of the men in the study had been diagnosed with AIDS.)

Kenyans need to reflect very deeply on these facts before they foolishly ape the west in adopting an evidently risky and dangerous sexual lifestyle. Clearly, a strong and unequivocal NO is the only answer we should continue to give to those among us who are under some fantasy that the law should be revised to decriminalize homosexuality.


There’s a predictable argument that is sure to follow this post regarding the question of anal sex among straight couples. In a naïve attempt to justify anal sex, many faggots and their sympathizers love retorting that it is also practiced by a growing number of heterosexual couples. I realize that there are a few people right here in Nairobi who might be under the illusion that anal sex adds spice and some form of kinkiness into their sex lives. People are sometimes allowed their delusions.

However, this is a practice that is clearly borrowed from the gay affirming western culture and not a homegrown sexual practice among Africans. I’m highly skeptical about its pleasure value but I’m 100% convinced of its severe health risk to its practitioners.

I submit that a man who claims to be straight would never ask for a woman’s asshole when the vagina is readily available, unless of course he is a closet faggot.

Part 3: Mental disorders

To be continued next post….