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Homosexual Promiscuity: The shocking statistics

June 11, 2011

Today I want to lift the lid off this sordid subject by sharing statistics that will acutely shock readers of this blog. The horrendously promiscuous nature of homosexual men is a topic you’ll never hear covered in their so-called “human rights” seminars or conferences. You’ll also not hear a whimper on the subject from the liberal western media, which thrives on exposing the salacious lifestyles of their celebrities at every opportunity. The reason is rather obvious: they don’t want ordinary people to learn about and be horrified by the putrefying veneer and rot that is the real story behind the “gay” lifestyle.

Fortunately for Kenyans, credible research findings abound that reveal the highly promiscuous and therefore extremely unhealthy sexual practices of homosexual people. What I’m about to share will also expose our Kenyan brother in the diaspora, President Obama, as a straight-faced liar for telling Americans repeatedly that homosexual relationships are comparable and just as respectable as men-women relationships.

Simply looking at the numbers, any right-thinking human being would be left totally astounded at the depravity of the “gay” lifestyle. We are talking here about a sexual perversion gone horribly insane – an out of control sexual deviancy that completely defies reason.

Data on gay men sexual practices

Key findings from the Bell and Weinberg study (1978)

A survey conducted in 1996 by a New York homosexual magazine known as Genre, found that 24 % of the gay respondents had sexual encounters with more than 100 partners in their lifetime. The magazine noted that several respondents suggested including a category of those who had more than 1,000 sexual partners.

A study conducted in San Francisco (The gay capital of the United States of America) just before the outbreak of AIDS by two researchers, Bell and Weinberg, reported evidence of widespread sexual promiscuity among homosexual men. 83% of the homosexual men surveyed estimated they had sex with 50 or more partners in their lifetime, 43% estimated they had sex with 500 or more partners; 28% with an astonishing 1,000 or more partners! Only 1 percent of the sexually active men had had fewer than five lifetime partners.

The same study revealed that homosexual men have to a great extent separated sexuality from relationships. The survey showed 79% of the respondents saying that over half of their sexual partners were strangers. 70% said that over half of their sexual partners were people with whom they had sex only once!

The authors, Bell and Weinberg, concede: “Little credence can be given to the supposition that homosexual men’s ‘promiscuity’ has been overestimated” (p.82). “Almost half of the white homosexual males said that they had had at least 500 different sexual partners during the course of their homosexual careers,” (p. 85).

Abnormal sexual lusts

Clearly, the homosexual lifestyle has its practitioners under a vice-like grip, totally dominating them through its ugly compulsions. Is it any wonder that the same study found out that homosexual men were 6 times more likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual men? Is it any wonder that homosexuals suffer a remarkably high prevalence of STDs (some involving new categories of diseases occurring uniquely among themselves)?

In their study of the sexual profiles of 2,583 older homosexuals published in Journal of Sex Research (1997), Paul Van de Ven et al. found that “the modal range for number of sexual partners ever (of homosexuals) was 101–500.” In addition, 10.2 to 15.7 % had between 501 and 1000 partners. A further 15.7% reported having had more than 1000 lifetime sexual partners! Source – Paul Van de Ven et al., A Comparative Demographic and Sexual Profile of Older Homosexually Active Men, Journal of Sex Research 34 (1997): 354.

These findings follow a research back in 1984 by a homosexual couple, David McWhirter and Andrew Mattison, who conducted a non-random study of 156 stable “committed” male homosexual couples. They found that none of the over 100 couples that had been together for more than 5 years had been sexually monogamous or exclusive. The authors argued that for male couples, “sexual monogamy is a passing stage of homophobia and that many homosexuals separate emotional fidelity and sexual exclusivity. What matters for male couples is emotional not physical faithfulness.” Source – D McWhirter and A Mattison, The Male Couple: How Relationships Develop.

Nothing to compare with heterosexual norms

As things stand today, the above figures have probably spiraled further upwards with the acceptance of bolder gay-affirming environments in the west. Surveys on men-women sexual practices across the world don’t even come close to these crazy figures. Even in the highly promiscuous societies of Europe and the United States, men and women simply do not engage sexually at these shocking levels.

According to Dr. Robert Kronemeyer, author of Overcoming Homosexuality, “Nearly two thirds of gay men are constantly on the hunt for instant sex.” A typical attitude is expressed in the statement: “If I don’t score in 20 minutes after hitting the bar, I start to fall apart.” Kronemeyer indicates further that “30% of homosexual men have never had a relationship that survived a one-night stand.” This stands in stark contrast with the average heterosexual male who has on average five to nine sexual partners throughout his life, and who would thus appear considerably more monogamous by comparison.

Now for a population considered to be less than 2% in any given society (the 10% myth by homo propagandists is just that), these findings have far reaching implications for our country. It’s probable that the above nauseating decadence may reflect similar trends by Kenyan men who have sex with fellow men. If true, it would not be too far-fetched to imagine that in a city such as Nairobi with its small homosexual community, its practitioners have potentially had sex with all other homosexual men residing in the city!

Dear Kenyans, this is the truth regarding a sick and degenerate lifestyle the Chief Justice (CJ) nominee Dr Willy Mutunga believes should not be “discriminated upon”, but perhaps accorded the same dignity as monogamous men-women relationships in Kenya. This is the soft, ugly underbelly of the lifestyle deputy CJ nominee Ms Nancy Baraza will certainly not want to expose in her ongoing Phd thesis on “gay rights”. Mark my words fellow Kenyans, this is the destructive lifestyle the two in collaboration with their gay organizations allies will attempt to foist on Kenyans through judicial shenanigans in the next two years, unless right-thinking citizens stand up and expose their moral treachery.

For some data insights and explanations into the crazed sexual debauchery of homosexual men, visit Dr Joseph Nicolosi’s psychological clinic web page.